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  1. Never mind, done it. Well, mostly. I can sucessfully get onto Darwin/x86, but now I'm getting a "Still waiting for root device" error, i.e a grey stop sign on the Apple loading screen. I've tried disconnected all the other device and just left the hard drive and I've tried safe mode, but to no avail. Has any else experienced and overcome this problem? Thanks.
  2. Help! iATKOS v7 Installation Issues!

    uhm... BUMP?
  3. Help! iATKOS v7 Installation Issues!

    Hi again, just a quick question. Does anyone know how to open a Philips SPD3400CC External Disc Drive? Do I just need more brute force?
  4. Help! iATKOS v7 Installation Issues!

    EDIT 2: Was this the link you meant: Here? Oh! This website changes the word ihack1nt0sh to insanelymac ; ) I found the website you meant. Sorry, I am just really fed up with all this. I mean, this should be a whole lot simpler than it's turning out to be. EDIT: I found the Chameleon JMicron Patch for Kalyway 10.5.2, I have applied it and I am burning the disc now. Will probably be back here soon, lol. Yeah, I'm back again. After applying the patch and reburning the ISO, I boot it to find the same error that I did with iATKOS (com.apple.Boot.Slist not found) and the 'Ethernet PXE Client' still showing as the boot device. I have tried all four settings under JMicron (IDE, RAID, ACHI and Disabled) with no success. I'm starting to think I should just give up completely, ugh. Would it be wise to undo the patch and go back to "com.apple.Boot.Plist not found" and find some other solution, or stay with the Slist error and find a workaround there? P.S. When I boot either Kalyway or iATKOS under Virtual PC 2007, the correct boot device is shown (iATKOS v7 and Kalyway 10.5.2 for Intel/AMD), however when I boot them an "unrecoverable processor error" occurs (see my first post, EDIT 2). Oh yeah, I should have mentioned this earlier, but I'm using a DVD+RW disc for my burning. Should I not be? Just some thoughts: Would it be worth changing the USB port for my drive? My hard drive is IDE and my S-ATA ports are disabled. Should they be? I can disable both my LAN Adapter and my LAN Boot Rom in my BIOS. Should I disable both? Would you recommend I recheck all my IDE cables etc? Should I take my External DVD Drive out of it's case and connect it directly? Thanks for your ongoing support, Das_Human. Okay, In Virtual PC I have manage to gather some information. When the Darwin Bootloader boots in VPC, there is a 5 (for Kalyway) or 8 (iATKOS) second countdown, which does not happen (or is not visible) on my physical PC. During this countdown, I can either click F8 (for correct/working boot menu) or any other key (to start the installation), but after the countdown finishes, the dreaded error messages appear ('Plist/Slist not found' and the boot device changes to 'Ethernet PXE Client'). Can you think of any reason why I am not seeing this countdown on my physical PC? I suppose it could be disc error, but I think it is unlikely. EDIT 3: I recently decided to use VMware Workstation and try and install either iATKOS or Kalyway from there and, finally, I have made progress. I can get up to and past the grey apple screen, however I am now stuck on a blue screen with a white curvy line on it. It is loading, but no progress had been made past this point so far.
  5. Help! iATKOS v7 Installation Issues!

    Ugh! Now I'm really annoyed! I have downloaded and tried to install Kalyway 10.5.2, but I am getting the dreaded "com.apple.Boot.Plist not found" error. I have seen some fixes for this, but I don't know which of them actually work. As I said before, I have a Jmicron controller (it is disabled) and this seems to be the cause of this error in a lot of cases. Do you have a link to a working fix? Thanks again, TehOwnageNoob. EDIT: When I click F8, the boot device is stated as 'Ethernet PXE Controller'. I will remove my ethernet cable and try again later.
  6. Help! iATKOS v7 Installation Issues!

    I tried removing the ethernet cable and configuring the BIOS settings, but I'm still stuck in the same place with iATKOS, I will try a couple more times before I give up with it completely. Thanks for your help with it anyway. Just a quick question: Are there any other distros that are updateable via the Apple Software Update, like iATKOS?
  7. Help! iATKOS v7 Installation Issues!

    1. It is an external DVD-RAM DVD-DL DVD-RW etc. Drive. 2. It is USB 2.0 and I am uncertain of the controller (I would have to open the case). 3. I have an ethernet cable connected, but the adapter is not plug and play (would make sense to remove it, I suppose). 4. First = My External DVD Drive, then my hard drive. Nothing else. My drive is fine, I use it on a regular basis to install software and burn discs. I will remove the ethernet cable and look into the BIOS Settings some more, then I will try again. Thanks for the reply. EDIT: Also, I have tried safe mode, verbose mode etc. but it always goes back to the text "com.apple.Boot.Slist not found". EDIT 2: On my M/B, I have built in wireless internet receiver, which is impossible to remove without breaking it. Could this be affecting it? After all, it doesn't say "Wi-Fi AP Solo" it says "Ethernet PXE Client".
  8. Help! iATKOS v7 Installation Issues!

    One last BUMP Any help whatsoever will be greatly apprieciated.
  9. Help! iATKOS v7 Installation Issues!

    BUMP Surely someone has a solution...
  10. I couple of days ago, I tried to install iATKOS v7 onto my PC. The ISO file is fine (MD5 code verified), however, I cannot boot into the DVD to install iATKOS. All my attempts happen as follows: After my BIOS is shown etc. the Darwin Bootloader appears, but then it disappears and I get the "com.apple.Boot.Slist not found" error. I can press F8 for boot settings, but the boot device is shown as "Ethernet PXE Client" and not "iATKOS". I have tried various methods and with different boot settings, but to no avail. Every single time I try it just goes back to "com.apple.Boot.Slist not found". I have tried slow burning to good media and I have also re-downloaded the ISO just in case, but, so far, nothing has even got any closer to working. I have already scoured the forums and for the few people who have mentioned this problem, I believe they had very little acknowledgement (Examples are: Here and Here). If anyone knows anything else I can try, just say. My specs are as follows: M/B: ASUS M2N-VM DH (JMicron is disabled, this is 'Slist' not 'Plist' anyway) CPU: AMD Sempron LE-1250 (It has SSE2 compatibility) RAM: 1GB of Crucial's 800mhz DDR2 (Unbuffered and non-ECC [CL6]) GFX: ASUS EN7300GS 256mb PCI-E (Geforce 7300GS) Thanks in advance! TehOwnageNoob. EDIT: Will any of my problems be solved if I install Chameleon or PC_EFI? EDIT 2: I have also tried to install iATKOS onto Virtual PC, the installation boots and the Darwin Bootloader recognises the disc as 'iATKOS', but because it is only virtual, an "unrecoverable processor error" occurs (presumably because VPC doesn't support SSE2?) and the VPC has to be reset.