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  1. Swathe

    5KPL/1600 , e8400 and 9800GT

    Can't get damn QE to work
  2. Swathe

    5KPL/1600 , e8400 and 9800GT

    Found mac driver for my Deathadder mouse but it does not remember my settings such as double click speed. Still working on getting the video card to work properly.
  3. Swathe

    5KPL/1600 , e8400 and 9800GT

    Just need quartz extreme running and hopefully drivers for my raid card and i am set
  4. Swathe

    5KPL/1600 , e8400 and 9800GT

    Attempting to install now, fingers crossed. everything appears to be working so far including running dual displays!
  5. I have ideneb 10.5.6 disk and wondering if anyone could shed som light on kexts to select during installation. I did find this bit of info , just wondering whether is there anything else i should do. Thanks guys.
  6. Swathe

    Will you still buy the real deal?

    Bang for buck vs PC hardware to the same value, they are slow.
  7. I am new to this forum and just had to post in this thread. I run a Hacbook (Dell Insprion 1525) and it runs like a dream. i have a good desktop machine (e8400, 4gb of ram and 9800GT) that I am considering installing OS X on also. I have always been an extreme hate of mac fan boys. apple hardware looks sweet in alot of cases, but that is not a reflection on component quality. Dollar for Dollar, I could build a desktop that would spank a mac pro and still save a heap of cash. I can't afford a mac pro, plain and simple. I am a power user and currently run linux ( and anyone who thinks linux is hard to use is kidding themselves) as I am over windows and their poor product. OS X is stable because it's unix and that the platform is so closed. Hackintoshes will always exist when the price for apple hardware is still so high. Would I but a legit mac? If i could afford to expend that amount on a PC yeah. It would be hard to justify it compared to the monster i could build for the same amount of money. hackintoshes have brought me and no doubt many more closer to being legitimate mac owners. I personally think they are a good thing.