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  1. Hi all, Wanting to get a cheap netbooks running MacOSX, I referred to the mymacnetbook compatibility chart, which showed that the HP Mini 110 was compatible. Now it's dawning on me (after trying to install 10.6.0 with netbook installer etc) that the repeated Darwin panic's are telling me it's not possible:( I've not managed to get past Darwin on any boot loader method There doesn't seem to be any guides for the Atom N2600 processor, although I have come across some threads where OSX is expecting two processors and only seeing one?? So, have bought the wrong netbook?? And would I better off getting something else?? Cheers J
  2. Like others I've done all this but after the latest Apple update on re-start I ge the grey panic (Restart you PC)?? Anyway, how do I get back to where I was ?? ie My Inspiron 6400 basically working OK?? All the best John
  3. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard [ToH]-RC2 -9a581

    Please forgive my ignorance but where exactly do I find..... now move to the third tab Partition and select Volume scheme (1 Partition) and in the volume information type name Leopard and not leopard (notice the L) now click option and select Master Boot Record ?? I can erase volume no problem but I can't finf Master Boot Record option anywhere?? Please someone give me a clue Many Thanks
  4. Cloning install DVD

    Hi All, Is there a way to 'clone' the OSX DVD installation disc to a PC (Windows) so that I can add software, utilities etc before burning to a blank DVD?? I've tried using MacDrive but I haven't quite worked out how it works?? I also tried using Magic Iso but again no joy?? Cheers John