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  1. Need Ram/ agp video card

    I got a new computer from a friend of mine but he said that it can run up to only pc2700 184 pin so im looking fo that, but its outrageously priced and im on the tightest budget possible. i have almost no money so if you can just pm me with a price for any thing old your not using like that thanks all
  2. crt troubleshoot

    hey all. I'm having a problem with a CRT. when its plugged ino the computer, the screen turns off and when the vga connection is diconnected, it turns off. ive disconnected wires in all ways. its just not working. thanks
  3. ive been thinking that all day cuz i updated my sisters (mine belongs on my computer but its currently broken so i dont wanna risk an update deleting verything) and i realized that too last night. I really don't think they implemented into the 5g, which is lame on their part cuz I've been waiting for that for a while, imagine trying to remember what artisit does a song in a library of 10,000 songs.... pisses me off really bad sometimes.
  4. new to servers. need help

    aight, thanks. I'll go look for a BSD cd somewhere... wherever it is. All I can find is my Ubuntu cd's which for somereason I have every single platform and version(kubuntu, edubuntu, and of course Ubuntu.. thanks much all.
  5. Hey there. I'm in the process of building a new osx86 box and was wondering if I can use my old dell as a server. It's 866Mhz and it has 256mb of ram I think. I don't think I'll have to worry about lots of bandwidth. It has the bare essentials, meaning I put a usb 2.0 card and its pretty basic from there on out. I just need to know what I have to add or if it is even capable of being a semi-personal server at best. thanks.
  6. I want to know if you need a serial or anything when you download them. I don't want to download them and not be able to use them. any input would be good. thanks.
  7. cheap hackintosh advice

    I think i found a good mobo. it's a gigabyte that supports core2duo and pentium d(which i wanted to use anyway, so ill be able to keep this mobo a while. 945g chipset. but i also just found this intel mobo gonna run it with a pentium d 840 3.2 ghz dual core. I'm not sure which one to pick. i dont upgrade my computer at all really. so i'm gonna go with whichever you guys choose for me. gotta go. I'll check back later.
  8. Hey, I've been looking into the osx86 arena from the outside now for a while from an old Dell(old as in right after sse1 was released). Sadly enough, my dad is rich and being an ass. bla bla bla bla, the short of it is, I have around 300, 400 dollars I can spend on a new computer. I found something I can start off on cheap with a pentium dual core. Here's the link. I'm gonna get a HD small enough to fit my os's(plan on Ubuntu, osx86, and either XP or Tiny XP Beast)(advice on what size would be good cuz of the budget) and something alot bigger for my media and programs that I'll seperate into different partitions for each os. All help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
  9. I've been trying to find out the name of this type of instrument. It is at the beginning of the song "just let go (album version)" by Fischerspooner and a few other people. i know that you hold down however many notes you want to here and it plays them in a random order. any help would be great.