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  1. Help me with maya 2009 activation

    i would like to post mi issue, i understand the process that we have to do to update de AW.dat, i have done it few times but not working, i realized that in hackintosh when you try the config wizard and try the hardware identifier doesn't show anything... checking and checking i realize that the reason why this is happening is because my ntwork device shows as (en2) " BSD Device Name: en2 IPv4 Addresses:" i don't really know what that means jaja but the wizard will look for an address in the (en0) the other day i used some instructions about to change a kext file and give some "sudo" instructions in the terminal, that worked because when i rebooted it was showing my Ntwork device at (en0), i tried the wiz again and it was showing a number, i copied and took to a pc, used keygen and it generated some numbers that i took to my mac again and it was accepted by the config wizard, but as soon as i rebooted my mac again was showing an extension error and crashed, then i tried again but the mac didn't booted up and i had to re install OS, the question will be: what should i do to change my Ntwork device to (en0) safely and avoid mi computer to crash after install?