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  1. Hey, everybody. I wanted to post this link in here, it's to an iTunes Visualizer that makes an OpenCL fluid simulation dance to your music: http://www.mutantquartz.com/?p=40 (No, I did not make it, that is not my blog. I just found it when the author posted it on the MacRumors forums). Summary of the important-for-benchmarking controls for those who don't feel like referring to the link constantly: F - Toggle framerate counter X - Toggle hi-res mode (requires reset to apply) R - Reset simulation H - Toggle hight-mapping mode Oh, and it has a memory leak. Not that big of a deal, you just need to restart iTunes to clear it, but be forewarned. Also, it didn't used to work on ATI but that may have changed in 10.6.2, I don't have an ATI card to test it with. Some numbers from my MBP's 256MB 9600M GT on 10.6.2 (all of these are with music sensitivity, speed, and color set at the defaults): Normal mode: ~18fps Hight-map: ~18fps High-res: Slideshow (didn't even try high-map)