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  1. no problems at all. just remember to remove your sleepenabler.kext and you should be fine. i did my update (via software update) just yesterday on 2 of my es2l. good luck!
  2. i ended up driving down there and i managed to fix it BUT...if found that from time to time while in osx hard drive led will just stay on .. system will freeze .. and when restarting bios will not find my hard drive.. instead of Seagate 500gb it'll show a drive named of "." or " " and 67Gb in size .. what I've done was unplug power cable from the box for couple minutes, plug it back in (hard drive was found proper name proper size), osx wouldn't boot so i restarted .. hard drive not found properly only " " 67gb again. Unplug... wait .... plug in ... boot . go "ignore cache" boot in chameleon .. started .. checked hd and permission .. fixed lots of permissions .. rebooted .. working fine now TILL NEXT CRASH/FREEZE... any of you know whats causing all this mess and now to fix/prevent it from happening ?
  3. im having a bit of a problem with this board. (or so i think) everything works very very good .. but .. out of nowhere my hd lights turns on and stays on .. system crashes .. and upon reboot it wont find my hd. tried 2 hds already and same goes for both .. system can e up for days and all of a sudden itll just crash and hd wont be found in bios (something is found in bios but its not my hd) instead of finding my 500Gb it shows up as blank " " "67Gb" hd. any of you experienced that and know how to fix it ?
  4. yes that would work if only she had a cdr drive in her eeepc .. what i need is a bootable usb stick for g41m-es2l? anyway we can either modify that chameleon.img or create usb image from boot132 cd Dave posted ? im a linux user and i tried to do it couple times . . you need win machine to make usb image out of that boot123 cd. you got win Dave ? <edit> ok got boot132 for g31m try to boot with it but it wont. it finds my disk and my osx partition but it just stops at: Darwin. and thats in both multi and single user. don't even get to kernel load so no logs to look at. any help ?
  5. is there any way we could make some kind of bootable rescue sl usb for G41M-ES2L ? gave my box sl box to my sister (3h drive) and she got the lovely "boot1: error". the only way she can fix it is by using her eeepc and usb stick and i don't feel like driving there again. I found this: http://rapidshare.com/files/226534199/ChameleonBootDisk.zip she is able to boot but gets kernel panic normal and single user. Could any of you good people maybe modify this disk so it can boot broken SL OSX on G41M-ES2L ?
  6. This is your house Dave .. you do whatever you want in here , use my guide .. hell use my house. if it wasn't for you id probably be on 10.5 still
  7. start "osx install" again (from your usb disk) select your language .. next screen go to tools and open your terminal. type: cd /Volumes/<and whatever you named your osx partition> "cd /Volumes/OSX" in my case type: cp mach_kernel mach_kernel.106 (rename your 10.6.2 kernel to temp name) type: cp /mach_kernel mach_kernel (move 10.6 kernel to your system drive and let osx boot using that kernel) type: reboot (reboot into your osx system drive it should work now) once in osx remove your sleepenabler.kext open your terminal type: cd /Volumes/<and whatever you named your osx partiton> " cd /Volumes/OSX" in my case type: sudo mv mach_kernel.106 mach_kernel (replace your current "usb install" kernel with proper 10.6.2 kernel) reboot osx should boot now with your new 10.6.2 kernel with no probs now find sleepenabler for sl 10.6.2 (loads of them here and google if not pm me ill post it here once i get my hands on my osx box), install it .. reboot. enjoy 10.6.2 Good Luck! i logged on here to thank Dave for this excellent guide .. i confirm it works very well .. as i'm new to this osx scene this was the most helpful guide yet. easy to follow and straight to the point (i hate when you read a guide and it tells you to read 10 other guides in order to complete one step instead of saying .. download this .. install .. move on). One thing Dave .. could you maybe write an idiot proof guide for compiling dsdt on g41m-es2l ? the more guides i read about that the less hope i have of understanding the process. thank you again for this
  8. followed this guide to install Leo on G41M-ES2L http://www.an43.com/osx/install2.htm (clearer than any other guides ive seen) Leo works like a charm. most of the guides written about g41m-es2l direct you to some other guides for some other motherboards and say just follow that guide to get it going but that guide is for other motherboard with different chipsets/kexts and settings .. that dont help us noobs one bit.. all guides should be written like http://www.an43.com/osx/install2.htm / just my 2 noobish cents