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  1. I have the worst luck ever... So i bought a 7800 GT to replace the craptastic x1600xt and it's giving me artifacts right at startup.
  2. Guess it's time i take a trip down to best buy.
  3. Tried it... Made no difference, my second dvi port still dies the second the loginwindow starts.
  4. Seems to be the case. X16XX's are a lost cause so far... I'm debating a 7600GT or 7900GS right now. If some people running nvidia/ati cards could post whether they have dual screen working, it'd be appreciated by those of us that are in need of a new card. Maybe start a new thread for that? Maybe someone could compile some sort of list...
  5. I've tried that already. I have pretty much tried everything now and still nothing, and you're right, it is just a cloned image, but it's more than i got before where the second screen would just go to sleep. Anyway, I think i'm just gonna buy a 7600 GT, this is just not worth all the effort heh.
  6. Well, made some progress... I now get full support on my X1600XT including dual screen(mirrored though) by using two dvi to vga adapters on my card. Gonna try a couple of things and see if i can get dual screen expanded to work.
  7. Well, none of that worked, tried just about every combination including using dvi to vga adapters. I'm just gonna thrown in the towel and buy an Nvidia card and call it a day, heh. Thanks for trying though.
  8. I'm gonna try another bios on my X1600XT(Dual dvi) now... if it doesn't give me dual screen i'm just gonna buy a card that has dual screen working since trying to get this card to work is wasting waaaaaaaaay too much of my time.
  9. Or just type this in the terminal: ioreg -l -w0 | grep "EDID"
  10. So here are my results: X1600XT(PCI-E) two DVI outputs IONDRVSupport .5 and ATINDRV .5=Crash at loginwindow IONDRVSupport .8 and ATINDRV .8=lose second screen at login, everything works on first screen IONDRVSupport .5 and ATINDRV .8=lose second screen at login, everything works on first screen. IONDRVSupport .8 and ATINDRV .5=Both screens work in mirrored mode, but lose res change. I gotta head out for a bit, but there might be some hope with IONDRVSupport .8 and ATINDRV .5, i think... heh.
  11. Can you upload those two files somewhere so i can give them a try? Thanks.
  12. I tried adding my card's secondary ID and also got a kernel panic heh... I'm still trying to find a HIS X1600XT bios to flash my card to see if that brings my second dvi port back to life, since i remember it working with the original bios. Update: Flashed my card with a MSI X1600XT's bios(it's also dual dvi) and now both my dvi ports work in mirrored mode all the way until the login window starts and then the monitor connected to the second dvi port goes to sleep, i'm guessing this is when the driver loads. Gonna try some EDID stuff, but i have a feeling that the second port is just not being initialized by the driver somehow.
  13. Use Natit_ATIauto.kext.zip and let us know if it works for you.
  14. The auto detection is working properly, QE, CI, Res change etc, are supported and the card is showing up as the correct card. I have a feeling that my second DVI port not working has to do with the fact that i flashed my card with a sapphire bios a while back in order to get it working at all. I'm gonna try to flash it back to the original bios and see what happens. If anyone has a HIS X1600XT or can get me the bios for it somehow i would really appreciate it. Thanks.