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  1. MSI GX600 with Kalway 10.5.1 Okay.

    I was wondering if this can be moved to the laptop topic?
  2. ALC888 doesn't work (ICH9)

    @Brahim, What SL version do you have? I have the same chipset on my laptop but it's on ICH8
  3. What funny here in the Philippines is that are a bunch of people that buys a mac, then after a week, go to a computer store and ask them to install windows on their machine. The tech said that they were a number of them. Not many but still, it's a bit ironic or paradoxical? I dunno. Anyway, I'm just lucky that my laptop works on any OSx86 distro. I have been installing and reinstalling to a point that I bought 4 usb pen drive to speed up the installation process. If I had money, I'd buy one, have windows installed, bring both laptops at starbucks and take a pic of how they'd react. hahaha!
  4. MSI GX600 with Kalway 10.5.1 Okay.

    I am not sure if booting osx86 in external drive is easy. I haven't tried it and have read it before that booting it in an external hard drive presents problems. And I think it don't make sense if you install osx86 on an external hard disk. Do you plan to boot it on another pc? Won't it just make it problematic since hardwares in each pc varies? I am currently trying to install Snow Leopard but it keeps failing on me.
  5. Hi, I am having weird problems but it's not big a deal. Anyway,my laptop has Vista installed first then iDeneb. Ok, I set the partition where Vista resides. Followed an instruction so that I could use Vista Bootloader and add iDeneb. Restarted, it's now ok. One annoyance is that when I boot to iDeneb after selecting from Vista Bootloader, Chameleon shows up. What should I do? I'd like just one boot loader. I don't want to uninstall Chameleon. I just want to disable it. Is that possible? Any link to a detailed source on how to do it is very much appreciated. Regards, Francis
  6. VoodooHDA

    Hello, I wanted to share my experience on my MSI GX600 laptop running on iDeneb 1.5.7. The VoodooHDA works but like others said that the mic isn't working. I have come to accept that in order for the mic and the built in speaker to work, I have to download a file on this thread. I use ALC888Audio.mpkg.zip to enable my mic and headphone out, if I want to use the speaker, I just install VoodooHDA.kext. Then delete it again. It's tedious but I can live with that. Also, FYI, sleep, shutdown, wifi don't work. Installed iDeneb and unable too boot from vista. Had to enable the vista partition using partition software. It's included in the Hiren Boot CD. If there's an easy way of removing a Kext without having to use terminal, I'd appreciate if you share your experience with it. Thanks in advance
  7. MSI GX600 with Kalway 10.5.1 Okay.

    Hey! Thanks for sharing this info. I currently have the performance version of the msi gx600 series. Your's I think is the ultimate version because of the blu ray drive. I have also been tracking this guy's progress, http://reizencroft.wordpress.com/tag/hackintosh/ He has the basic model. Hopefully, I'll have the same success as you do.