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  1. nForce LAN driver

    thank you again since this is the only response yet, im happy about any answer. Lets make it more flashy to get hopefully more attention: Who is using nforcelan in 10.6.5 and can copy files over the network bigger than 1GB WITHOUT having them corrupted by a few bits of false data. HINT: you won´t find the file errors by accident if you do not compare the source and the destination file exactly for every byte. i discovered it by using dupseek, you also can use tools like filebuddy or similar tools. And of couse im only talking about the data fork not the resource fork. Any hint or feedback is very helpfull for me!
  2. nForce LAN driver

    thank you very much for your reply but im unsure if we are talking about the same issue. which version of nforcelan i should try and i am not aware of any ata issues since the drives seem to be handled by ahci default drivers. my errors occur while copying files over the network with nforcelan. single bits in files change in random, maybe 2 or 3 bits in a 1 GB file that was copied. system memory is 4gb if this depends.
  3. nForce LAN driver

    hi, i just updated to 10.6.4 and noticed that i get single bit copy errors, especially in files over 1gb. it might have been so for some time because it only seems to happen in large files and not every time. any hints/ideas ? driver version is the latest version.