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  1. hello to all i success install Ideneb 1,4 (10.5.6) in my pc, but some of my hardware doesn't work my pc is: Mainboard K9A2 platinum V1 -AMD 790FX and SB600 Chipset -Audio: Realtek ALC888/ALC888T (not working) - Flexible 8-channel audio with jack sensing - Compliant with Azalia 1.0 Spec Processor: AMD PhenomII X3 720@3,0Ghz Memory: Gskill DDR2 1066 4Gb (2x2) Vcard: MSI N260GTX-T2D896-OC (GTX260 core 216 896 GDDR3 Pciexpress 2.0) (not working) the problem is with vcard and audio and i tried to update with the combo update from here, i install it and in 40/60% approx appears a kernel error, and totally damage the ideneb 1,4 installation, my machine is in the signature, what can i do for the actualization? is some way to make it work? thank you for your help
  2. Problem installing Iatkos V7

    helloooooooooo anybody knows how to help me?
  3. Problem installing Iatkos V7

    help anybody? please
  4. Problem installing Iatkos V7

    anybody knows any distribution compatible with my specs? thanks for the help
  5. Problem installing Iatkos V7

    i uploaded the images in a image server.. thats the error and i select the right drive and is mac extended formatted thank you for your help
  6. Problem installing Iatkos V7

    please somebody help me!
  7. hello to all i have a problem installing iatkos v7 the installation ends normally but after i choose reboot, another screen appears and keeps waiting until appears an error a kernel panic (i think) my machine is Board: K9A2 Platinum NB 790FX SB 600 Proc: AMD PhenomII 720 B.E. @ 3.0 Ghz With Xigmatek Dark Knight Cooler Mem: GSKILL DDR2 1066 @ 1066 4Gb (2X2Gb) Lat 5-5-5-15 Vcard: MSI GTX260 OC Core 216 896Mb GDDR3 HDD1: Seagate Barracuda 500Gb 32Mb Cache SATA2 HDD2: Hitachi 500Gb 16Mb Cache SATA2 DVD: Samsung DVD burner SH-S233 SATA2 PSU: HEC Zephyr 750W I Tried With Ideneb and with Iatkos v7 in the instalation i chosed only 1 bootloader and with every kernel one by one (never both of them) and the necesary drivers or what distribution do you recommend with my hardware? Thanks for the help P: i reboot the system after that, and the bootloader apperas and i can choose the OS, i choose mac, and begins the charge after a minutes, starts a annoying sound and don't stops untill i reboot, starting with -v appears this: VoodooHDADevice[0x7227800]perform power state change(2,1) ahd it freezes here with the sound