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  1. Dear Ed

    same IP.Board Pro FTW
  2. Skins you use - feedback required

    elinks ftw
  3. Homepage STILL doesn't have ignorantcow's 1337 theme and.... FAIL
  4. New InsanelyMac!?

    Put ignorantcow's 1337 theme on the homepage kthx.
  5. New InsanelyMac!?

    You should make the frontpage theme changeable
  6. New InsanelyMac!?

    Mental about macs? Looks familiar:
  7. New InsanelyMac!?

    If you did a 37 pass wipe, the whole hard drive would be wiped and the forum would be gone
  8. complete failure as i said in the other thread
  9. New InsanelyMac!?

    ignorantcow's 1337 theme ftw
  10. New InsanelyMac!?

    It fails. Badges are failing: and the biggest fail: TOO MANY ADS >=O The theme itself fails too.
  11. Fail speeds: http://iphone-battery.org/files/InsanelyMac.mov
  12. what i think of this forum

    moofspeak =/= insanelymac but nVidia_user did it