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  1. Gutting an iMac G5

    Nothing! Even if you could you wouldn't be able to hook it up to the monitor. Keep the G5 is my advice!
  2. My 300$ Mac Build

    Nice... but are you really running that with 1GB RAM?!
  3. Complete setup Help

    Logitech QuickCam fusion works for me on my Mac&Hack. Sound&video.
  4. Post your specs please

    Clearly anything with SSE3, perhaps with the exception of the atom boards will manage flash ok. Any dual-core core2 based proc will be fine. I can't help you with the graphics, I haven't tried both outputs on my card simultaneously.
  5. Fantastic. I have this board too. Will order the disk when I get back from a little trip. Looking forward to your full write up (though think I can figure out your instructions).
  6. External HDD gone Wrong...

    Do you actually have bad sectors on the drive? You might want to try swapping the drive into a new case. I did that recently with a western digital mybook premium which did the same thing as yours (it's a 3.5" drive but it would hang the whole mac), now it seems to work OK. Cases are cheap and worth a shot. The 3.5" mybooks seem notorious. I don't know if the 2.5" ones use similar chippery.
  7. Web cam

    Perhaps mentioning what the webcam is, and which version of Mac os you are using might help?
  8. OS X Server 10.6 on a MacBook Pro?

    Is it really the case that they actually check what hardware you're installing on? I installed 10.4 server on my ibook at one point, it didn't complain. Of course, things could have changed.
  9. New, affordable build

    I've just built a system with that processor and motherboard combo. It's running really nicely. I can't really help you with the graphics card but personally I am using an ASUS 9400GT which is a bit slower than what you're suggesting but it seems to work OK (display sleep seems not to, but I think it is possible). I just picked my retailer and then tried to find people saying they had got a particular card that they sold working. Since you have a real mac you might find it easiest to install the OS onto the hackintosh's drive (in an external caddy) then run UInstaller to install stuff, make it bootable etc. This is what I did and it was more or less a case of popping the drive in the new system and pressing *on* (actually I cloned my existing mac's drive with carbon copy cloner as I was passing on the Mac). http://leopardsoup.pbworks.com/es2l_welcome has some useful drivery things and UInstaller instructions for this board. I bought a pretty cheap ASUS case, it's ok, but I think I should have spent the extra £30 for a slightly better one. There is some good info out there on power supplies, all I would recommend is that you get an efficient one! Best of luck with this, you will end up with a pretty snappy system no doubt!
  10. Best Mini Itx socket 775 Board?

    I (after myself posting a topic here for advice and not getting much) noticed that there is this other forum which it seems is for this kind of question: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showforum=82 But I'm new here so might be wrong! Sorry I can't help you with your build. There are a few discussions if you search for mini-ITX (as you probably have).
  11. Respectful Request for New Build Advice

    I just thought people might like to know that I got the bits this morning and put them together. I cloned my mac mini's hard disk to the new one, installed chameleon etc and now as far as I can tell everything works. Even the graphics with a bit of jiggery-pokery. Hopefully it will stay that way. The answers are out there on this forum, if anyone wants to know anything specific I'll try and oblige. Edit: Except sleep! (So far)
  12. Respectful Request for New Build Advice

    In the end I decided to risk it as originally planned because I was able to find lots of people with the same CPU, and at least one with that particular graphics card working. On my head (or wallet) be it if it doesn't work out! This should be a lot of fun - stuff arrives tomorrow!
  13. Looking for a Graphic card

    I have the same question as the first guy I guess. Perhaps I am looking a bit cheaper, though the HD4870 is just about affordable if the XFX ones they have there at £90 are any good. Probably overkill for me.
  14. Respectful Request for New Build Advice

    Ouch! Thanks for the advice. I didn't realise about it having to be a C2D, I just assumed since they were more or less the same thing that a pentium dual core would work. I have searched around on the mobo, I have seen a few people say that it is one of the most compatible (And it's certainly among the cheapest). I can find the 8600GT and the 9600GT. I will have to look around on the versions, I guess some are more compatible than others! Oh, and yes, the 4850 is within my new extended budget... Thanks again.
  15. Dear all, thanks for looking at this, I hope this is the right place. I know a lot of people make similar topics but here we are: I'm keen to make something a bit more upgradeable (hard disks, graphics) than my current C2D mac mini and as a Mac Pro is really out of my budget I am thinking of building something for OSx86. Having done some reading, and looked at what is available now I'm thinking of the following: Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 2.5GHz Asus 9400GT 512MB DDR2 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card Low Profile Plus the usual SATA HDD, 4GB RAM, etc. I am not totally sure if it matters which DVD-RW I pick up, information seems sparse. I was hoping to use http://leopardsoup.pbworks.com/es2l_v10 for the mobo and I have seen that there is a long topic on the 9400GT in which people have got some ASUS or other to work. I really would like to know if this is the best way to proceed with this motherboard, and if there is perhaps a preferable (easier to install?) budget graphics card. I will buy this stuff from ebuyer most likely. I am not looking for anything fancy, working DVI at 1920x1200 would be nice! Thanks so much for all your work and I look forward to a bit of dabbling.