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    Programming in C#, looking to move to iPod/iPhone utility development and later game development soon.
  1. Gray Malkin

    Realtek HD Audio Problem - HELP!

  2. Gray Malkin

    Realtek HD Audio Problem - HELP!

  3. Gray Malkin

    Realtek HD Audio Problem - HELP!

    Hello All, After some head scratching and many restarts I have finally got the troublesome RT73 to work (incase you were wondering install the software and reboot 3/4 times in forced mode (-f)) Anyway... from there I decided to tackle my next hacintosh problem: Audio. The internal speakers DO work, but when I plug in my headphones or external speakers (via 3.5 mm jack, not the SPIF OUT) the sound continues to play via the internal speakers, which sound awful In the system profiler the Realtek HD Audio shows up as Intel HD Audio and the device ID is 0x101990A5 I have looked and don't know what codec the device is so can't find the kext to update/install with. If you know where to find the codec or even better the URL of a kext to download I'd be very grateful Regards, Gray Malkin
  4. Gray Malkin

    How good is OS X on PC?

    In that case do you know how I can get and then use kexts?
  5. Gray Malkin

    How good is OS X on PC?

    So you think that should work and I can go out and buy Leo? (obvs I don't hold u liable)
  6. Gray Malkin

    How good is OS X on PC?

    I'm pretty awsome on a computer, and I have done a lot of reading up. From what I can tell I need to: 1) Boot boot132 from a cd ROM until the prompt to select a disk 2) Swap out the disk in the drive, with boot132 still running and insert the Leo disk 3) Press enter 4) Open the disk utility and format at least 6GB (I have 10GB) of unallocated disk space to Journalised HFS+ using GUID partitioning 5) Install Leo 6) Install Chameleon 2 RC 7) DONE, apart from .kexts this is where I get a little bit unsure.
  7. Gray Malkin

    How good is OS X on PC?

    How do I get and use kalyway? Does it requre downloading a huge .iso / .dmg burning it to disk and then running it or is it just a boot loader? If it is something like a huge .iso is it reasonable to use boot 132 and the retail copy of Leo, as I have awful bandwidth and can't bear a download going at 1KBs for 60 day 24/7. Thanks.
  8. Gray Malkin

    How good is OS X on PC?

    OK, I have an Advent 6301, 2GB DDR2 RAM, Intel T2370 Processor full 64 bit support (Supports SSE, SSE2, SSE3, and SSSE3) Intel 965 express chipset with 386MB shared memory - I realise that the integrated Realtek WiFi may not work anything else you need to know?
  9. Gray Malkin

    How good is OS X on PC?

    I hate to hijack, but in a laptop what are the main things to check before buying OSX retail without downloading an illegal copy of OSX, I have CPU-Z installed.
  10. Gray Malkin

    Here comes the big cat...

    So this message is being sent from Windows 7, soon to become Microsoft's biggest selling operating system. On Saturday I have the opportunity to visit the Apple Store, meaning I can buy a fully legal copy of OS X Leopard 10.4.7. I am looking forward to installing it on my 17 inch laptop, creating the HacBook Pro. My hard drive is VERY full at the moment, with dozens of Visual Studio products and 1000s of photos. I am trying to save as much data as I can, I shall create a FAT32 partition for the photos so I can use iPhoto with them. More challenging is the Music collection. I have 10 or more GB of music and 8/9 of podcasts that I have accumulated since I bought my iPod Touch 8 months ago. This will have to be stored on a portable HDD while I begin making the transistion. Needless to say that Recycle bin will be used an awful lot. Next Update coming soon... As always, graymalkin
  11. Gray Malkin

    Reboot Loop (Core i7 with 12GB RAM)

    boot 132 + retail
  12. Gray Malkin

    ipc 10.5.6 on dell 1525

    Are you using boot 132? If not I think the partition has to be unallocated, so it has no format. Boot into Windows or a live Linux distro, and delete the drive reboot TWICE into the chosen OS and then try again with the install. Beware: Formatting will erase ALL data on your hard drive Also imho if it does work I would go out and buy a retail version of OSX to give the Devs some credit for their great OS.
  13. Hello all, Being a total Hacintosh n00b (not even sure if hackintosh needs a "K") I was wondering if this weekend I should buy OSX retail. I am not too willing to throw my machine into the luck of the gods by installing a pirated and potentially edited version of OSX, and I also can not bare waiting 60 days of downloading a 10 GB dmg file at 2kb/s. I have an Advent 6301 laptop with 2GB DDR2 RAM, it has an Intel T2370 Processor @ 1.73GHz that supports SSE, SSE2, SSE3 SSSE3 and EM64T. It fully supports 64bit computing. Also I have an Intel 965 series GPU that has 386 MB of shared RAM. The screen is an active matrix TFT @ 1440x900 resolution so it will fit all the programs as far as I can tell from the school's Mac Minis that have the same resolution screens. Audio is a must and at least basic internet would be good, although I don't mind doing an upgrade of the WiFi card later on. The WiFi is a Realtek RT73 Wireless Card. Also I am very apt at running terminal commands and scripts as on Windows I do loads of programming and hack the OS often. The HDD is a SATA 120 GB disk, but a lot of the space is dedicated to Windows 7, I have 10GB of unallocated space for the install at the moment. But it is the first partition so extending it may be awkward. The windows partition has 7.2 GB free, but I think I can free up some more. If you need any more information I'd be happy to help, I have CPU-Z installed, and [here] is a link to some more specs about the laptop. Thanks in advanced, Gray Malkin