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  1. Are you guys on 'hackitosh's', if so I had the same problem going from Lion to MountainLion. I tried all the advise around, then some idiot suggested you'd need the latest chameleon bootloader (2.2+) OK I thought bootloader & networked no connection there. Anyway I was pretty much a zombie willing to try any silly thing going... Bang! first time appStore & iCloud sign in no problems. I forget who posted the advise, but if your reading this THANKS...
  2. dude, thanks so much you cut my eeepc HE Snow Leopard 10.6.4 startup (3'50) and shutdown (0'20) times back down to my 10.6.2 times of (0'30) and (0'02). Really great. BTW if any else is going to try this magic line of text my little netBook took about 2 mins to complete what ever it's doing and it does look like it's frozen... Just be patient.