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  1. @ DoiX I screwed up my installation some time ago and am about to reinstall Lion soon. Does your .V6 Package already include all the latest and greatest updates/fixes that were discovered in this thread (fix for artifacts on intel HD graphics, Speedstep, latest DSDT etc.?) and your installation app? Do you actually still plan to create a dedicated "one click" boot CD/ installation CD for XPS users as you mentioned a while ago or is it not possible? Thanks again for all your hard work on this.
  2. Do you have any usb devices or an external monitor attached? I had the same problem when trying to install for the first time but unplugging everything fixed the problem for me. Also, Iatkos L1 seems way more reliable than L2 in terms of booting.
  3. New Bios A10 is out: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/de/de/dedhs1/DriverDetails/DriverFileFormats?driverID=93TVF Changelog: 1.To fix lid function failed in DOS. 2.Modify fan max speed value to fix WBDD tool fan.exe test failed if system in high temperature 3.Added LED test interface for factory. 4.Sync solution from Queen for IFIR fan noise issue Did anyone try if sleep is working again?
  4. Just stumbeled upon something very interesting related to our Intel Wifi-Cards. I have been following this guy for some time and he has made significant progress lately. Now, there is some hope that these will work with full airport compatibility eventually! See: https://www.facebook.com/mercurysquad
  5. You might want to try ExFAT, full read and write support on both operating systems.
  6. After installing one of the provided sound-kexts from the pack, go to system preferences-sound and set the output to the internal speakers. Now restart. Both kexts worked for me, i just had to set the output to the correct entry in system preferences.
  7. @AKennedy_4: Thanks for your help. Just a few more questions: 1.) Ok, got it. But still, there seems to be no way to set a shorter timeout to boot the default partition, right? 2.) That seems to be the way to go for me. Where do I get the "show all files program" from? So once i removed the boot file from the Lion partition, the bootflag is set back to windows again? What do you mean by "run the easyBCD program and reinstall windows boot loader"? Just for my clarification on how to proceed, pls advise if possible: 1. Remove boot file from OS X partition (make hidden files visible before doing so) 2. Reboot, Windows should start automatially. If not, set bootflag back to Windows partition with Gparted. Boot Windows 7. 3. Start easyBCD and add a generic Max OS X entry to the default Windows bootloader, set preferred timeout. Restart. 4. Boot Lion with rBootLE. 5. put Bootfile back to root of OS X partition. Restart. 6. Windows bootloader should come up at startup and have 2 entrys, one default for Windows 7 and another for OS X, both operating systems should boot flawlessly. Is that right? I`m still hesitant to try since all my data are still on my windows drive and I can`t allow to screw up something.
  8. Thanks to DoiX and AKennedy_4 `s continuous efforts I finally managed to install Lion on my XPS 15. Turns out my DVD-drive was faulty and since it was swapped out, Iatkos L1 booted flawlessly. I basically just followed this detailled tutorial (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=272645&st=0&do=findComment&comment=1773272) and got everything except from wifi working. Just got some minor graphic hiccups left (random small horizontal lines etc.). Btw., both provided sound kexts worked for me, I just had to set the output to the XPS speakers in system preferences and edit the described ALC kext to get rid of the heavy bass. Dual boot with chimera also worked OK, yet I didn´t find a proper solution to make my Windows 7 partition the default boot device (I understand that it could be done in chameleon.boot.plist) and to set the timeout to something between 3-5 seconds. "Lizard" used to be a neat tool to do that, but that doesn`t seem to exist anymore. So I just ended up trying to avoid Chimera/Chameleon and set the boot flag back to my windows partition (with Gparted Live CD) but found out that Chimera is still the active bootloader instead of the Windows standard ?!?. Any ideas on that? My initial plan was to use standard Windows bootloader and add the Lion partition using easyBCD in Windows. Since all my important data are on the Windows partition, I wanted something easy to fix in case of crashes and find that windows can easily be fixed with the DVD and automatic startup repair. Using Chimera, I`m afraid this wouldn`t work anymore. So I just deleted Lion angain and am about to start again from scratch, yet I`d still prefer to use the Windows bootloader instead of Chimera. Can anyone provide help?
  9. IAtkos L2 including 10.7.2 seems to be out now. Did anyone already try? Since I wasn`t able to boot L1, I hope this will allow some of us to install from DVD directly. Any word, which kexts to check during installation? Or should we just stick to L1 and just update to 10.7.2 manually?
  10. Wow, that`s awesome! Does your pack also install speedstep automatically, since you added the SSDT or does it have to be done manually as you described in your tutorial?
  11. I am also about to try installing again. However, since burning the iAtkos L1 DVD on my other Hackintosh (Acer Aspire 5652) didn`t work so well, is there a way to burn the .dmg image directly on the Dell XPS using Windows 7? I already tried imgburn which normally just burns every iso file just fine, but it refuses to burn this .dmg. By the way: Thanks a lot and thumbs up to DoiX, you are helping a lot of us with your tips and tutorials.
  12. Your help is highly appreciated and a dedicated Lion DVD for the XPS l502x would be absolutely fantastic! I hope the attached picture helps. Also, when booting with my miniDisplayport>DVI adapter, the iAtkos DVD immediately freezes when pressing anything on the keyboard.
  13. I also tried installing Lion all day but I`ll probably have to give up now. I am not even able to boot the Iatkos DVD since all I am getting is a Kernel Panic. Also, booting with arch=i686 and -v does not help.
  14. @ DoiX Thanks so much for your updated guide. Will try to install either snow Leopard or Lion and report back on the weekend. Just one more question before i get started: Is it possible to install to an MBR partition Table with IAtkos Lion since I want to dual boot with my existing windows 7 partition?
  15. So did you manage to get QE/ CI fully working? Any word on those lines on the desktop? Can we get rid of them somehow? How about the Kernel Panics? Do they appear only when resuming from sleep or randomly? As I said earlier, I would love if someone could gather all the valid information into one step-by-step tutorial for us neebies. I'm keen to give it a try, but all the different information on this site is a bit too confusing for me