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  1. Rumour has it that the update also contains changes for the Irish release of the iPhone which was announced today. It will be released on the 14th of March on the o2 network. The 16gb version will be €499 euro ($741!). http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/02/28/ap...e_sdk_ireleand/
  2. So Macs are great?

    Yeah that's what I thought as well but it happens in Safari as well.
  3. So Macs are great?

    Hi Guys, Cheers for all the advice. I'll have a look at testing the ram when i have 5 mins to spare. Turns out the problem with iTunes was being cased by my iPod. Reformatted it and iTunes has stopped acting up, problem with text areas still has me totally stumped though. I'm very tempted to do the old fashioned Windows fix and reformat to sort out the problem. It makes it nearly impossible to type something cause you cant see what you're typing. Has anyone come across this before? If i figure out what's causing it i'll let you guys know, just in case it happens to some other poor newbie who hasn't a clue how to fix it! Cheers, Stevo
  4. Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. Installed OSX on my PC ages ago and thought it looked really kewl ,had a play around with a mac mini in work and thought , what the hell i'll buy a mac. So I bought what was the top of the range iMac at the time (August or September last year), 20 inch with all the trimmings. about 2 weeks later the 24 inch version came out but ah well, what can ya do. First impressions were great, was delivered pretty quickly from the factory in Cork, nicely packed, turn it on and its ready to go. So things start of really well, it looks well, screen quality is amazing and it's super quick, not the usual few minutes waiting XP to load but then the sheen starts to wear off pretty quickly. Random crashes where the whole thing just locks up, finder jams and wont let ya relaunch it so ya end up restarting but it just hangs on the blue screen when its shutting down so you have to hold the power button. Then theres iTunes, my GOD thats gotta be the buggiest software I've ever seen in my life, fair enough i thought it was bad in Windows but who cares, its Apple software so ya know if ya want the true integrated experience buy a mac and that's fair enough. Ya click the iTunes icon in the dock and it bounces once or twice as it loads then...nothing, it hags, no gui just the icon in the dock saying its open, then ya get the application not responding message when ya right click but it refuses to be forced to quit. This happens with a few apps but the main culprit is iTunes which decides quite often that it doesn't feel like working today. The software that came with my Vodafone 3g modem also decided recently that it didn't want to work anymore so it hangs in a similar fashion when ya try to start it, I suspect that this is due to crappy quality control from Vodafone but it's not exactly user friendly that the app just hangs there without any indication that it's open other than the little arrow in the dock. The weirdest thing thats happened so far is input in text areas in browsers (both Safari and Firefox) ends up on top of previous characters and doesnt remove the characters when you delete them unless you scroll down and scroll back up the page to redraw the content. So what's the purpose of my rant, well I guess it's to do with the fact that I have the same (sometimes worse) user experience on the mac as i did with Windows yet the mac fanboys would have you believe the sun shines out of Steve Jobs backside and theres never any problems with OS X. So has anyone had any similar experiences with their mac? If i had problems with a Windows PC i'd be able to sort them out pretty quickly but i haven't a clue how to sort this kinda {censored} out on a mac. To be totally honest I'm really disappointed with the experience I've had with the thing since I've got it so my next PC will probably be *sigh* a Dell. Oh yeah, the mighty mouse, worst mouse I've ever used but it looks too nice to change . Really sorry for the really really long rant but I felt like getting this off my chest. Here's the challenge, make me want this computer or it'll be replaced by a nasty plastic looking black Dell