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    WeBeRiO reacted to eSaF in [pre-release] macOS Big Sur   
    I guess most don't check the 'Feedback Assistant' but if you want to know what is in this latest Apple Beta, that's the place to look.
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    WeBeRiO got a reaction from Matgen84 in OpenCore Discussion   
    Hi all, when I boot Win10 form OC no have audio in Win nor option suspend.
    If I boot from bios partition Win10 work both perfectly, please help me? Thks.-
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Slice in HD630 no WakeUp, any solution?   
    No solutions yet.
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    WeBeRiO reacted to bidero in Clover Themes   
    Hey guys. Here goes one simple BootCamp theme from me. I was pixel peeping with my mac and tried make all the elements as close as possible to the original - therefore no badges  Tools menu below the main menu. Test it please  
    Screenshots taken at 2560x1440.

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    WeBeRiO reacted to Andres ZeroCross in AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching   
    Nice,, enjoy your hackintosh
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Andres ZeroCross in AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching   
    All your IOREG still show that you used layoutID = 1,, check your configuration again. Or upload your CLOVER folder

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    WeBeRiO reacted to Andres ZeroCross in AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching   
    Yes,, DSDT will overide config.plist. Just change that value to 0x0D (Hex) / 13 (decimal), or 0x15 (HEX) / 21 (Desimal). And you will get different result
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Andres ZeroCross in AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching   
    You need to upload your codec_dump.txt from Linux/LiveLinux

    Upload your IOREG and Codec_dump.txt from Linux / Live Linux
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    WeBeRiO reacted to perfectpockmark in Clover Themes   
    Here's a theme I've been working on.
    Does anyone happen to know if it's possible to show a separate icon for OSX install volumes from OSX boot volumes?

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    WeBeRiO reacted to apianti in Clover Themes   
    Clovy is part of the Clover installer... There is a need to get away from non-scalable graphics so the embedded won't be updated, it will eventually probably be replaced a scalable vector graphics theme which will take less space to produce much better results. There is literally no reason to prefer the embedded theme over any other unless you just like it for its looks but no one is going to devote time to something that is basically just there so something appears on the screen if you don't install a proper theme. That's the only reason it exists. Just install either Clovy or a theme made for a 4k resolution.
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Slice in Clover Themes   
    <key>GUI</key> <dict> <key>Theme</key> <string>Clovy</string>  
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Slice in Clover Themes   
    Choose it from Clover GUI menu
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Slice in Clover Themes   
    I moved posts about Clovy theme to topic "Vector Theme" which is dedicated for them.
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Slice in Clover Themes   
    Choose Clovy theme. It will be good on large monitors.
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Cyberdevs in macOS Mojave 10.14.1 is out   
    I've been using the same patch and today it stopped working after doing a system cache rebuild and all the previous patches stopped working so I gave those patches posted by headkaze a try and this patch got my USB 3.0 ports back.
    I usually don't test the beta updates but I test the DP/Beta macOS releases so.
    This is the patch that I was using:
    Find: 83FB0F0F 83030500 00
    Replace: 83FB0F90 90909090 90
    Which stopped working (was working on 10.14.1 as well up until today after I rebuilt the system caches)
    and this is the patch that I'm currently using:
    Find: 83FB0F0F 838F0400 00
    Replace: 83FB0F90 90909090 90
    Which is working perfectly fine on my rig.
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Maniac10 in Cuales son las diferencias entre las carpetas donde instalar Kexts   
    Te dejo una explicación básica:
    /S/L/E es una carpeta de sistema que Apple recomienda no tocar /L/E es donde se instalan los kexts de terceros. Aquí puedes dejar los que necesites para tu hardware. Lo que si ten en cuenta que debes instalarlos apropiadamente, corrigiendo el usuario, los permisos, y actualizando el kextcache, de lo contrario no se cargarán. Hay aplicaciones como Kext Utility que te ayudarán a automatizar estas tareas. /E/C/k es donde se copian los kexts para que Clover se los pase a macOS. Aquí no necesitas corregir permisos ni nada, solo copiando los archivos es suficiente. Hay mas de una teoría de donde conviene poner los kexts pero basándome en experiencia personal, con que los tengas en Other de Clover ya es suficiente. Prácticamente todos los kexts que usamos en el mundo hack se pueden cargar desde allí.
    Y no es recomendable tener kexts duplicados como tienes ahora, selecciona una sola carpeta y elimina los kexts del resto.
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Badruzeus in Clover Themes   
    All right, "Mojave" theme for Clover v2.4k is now available on official repository. Use CloverThemeManager.app to download & install. "Mojave4k" for 3840x2160 display resolution (4K) is also there, enjoy! 

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    WeBeRiO got a reaction from Rudaye in Clover Themes   
    Hi, thk for new look theme, i love embedded theme, but work with @2x for 4k ?
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    WeBeRiO reacted to cvad in Bootdisk Utility   
    View File Bootdisk Utility
    Make bootable USB Flash Disk for MAC OS X with Latest Clover bootloader revision fast and easy by one click! under OS Windows.
    Special utility from cvad & russian MAC community for new hackintosh users.
    For more information and complete instructions please see this topic.
    Anyone who likes the program, please support its Community Score.
    Feel free to "Rate File"
    Submitter cvad Submitted 04/28/2013 Category Bootloaders  
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    WeBeRiO got a reaction from ThomasSed in Theme Bugs   
    Hi all, is possible up star-icon ?
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Slice in Clover Themes   
    It is not ready yet.
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Hackmac101 in Clover Themes   
    Isn’t the new embedded theme SVG? Why do we need another set for 2x? Can’t we just scale it?
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    WeBeRiO got a reaction from Badruzeus in Clover Themes   
    Pues debería, es un tema más.
    Well, it should be. It's one more.
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    WeBeRiO reacted to TheRacerMaster in Clover problems report & features request   
    Remove EFILoginHiDPI (don't set it at all) and set UIScale to 2.
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    WeBeRiO reacted to Slice in Clover Themes   
    embedded theme has no 2x copy. As well as many other themes.