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  1. Hey everyone, Basically a while ago I bought an Advent 4211 (carbon copy of wind). Only thing I have changed it to upgrade the RAM to 2GB (160GB HDD as standard). After switching to Hacktintosh on my Dell desktop - time-consuming but defiantly worthwhile - I want to change my netbook over to it aswell. I've been googling and checking out forums on a guide to get the Advent 4211/MSI Wind with a Leopard installing to 10.5.8 Some may ask why not Snow Leopard? Basically because I am somewhat of a chicken! I need a netbook that runs Mac stably with the reassurance that things won't suddenly die on me with a software update so I feel getting it up to the latest version of Leopard is safest as I could run all the software I needed to and have that security. Basically I am asking if there are any guides out there to install at any version then a way to update? Also I have read about drivers and things to get the default Wi-Fi card working with it - can anyone recommend/confirm these work? Something I really need to work is the sound - not bothered about inbuilt-mic (as is pretty rubbish anyways) but Mic/Line in needs to be working stably as does Speaker out (internal speakers would also be handy ) If these would be glitchy with Kext then I am happy to purchase a cheap USB interface for that stability. Basically 10.5.8 is a must on a pretty much unaltered Advent 4211 which is getting slower every day I run windows on it, Oh and that reminds me - not interested in dual booting at all - Mac all the way please! Have access to my Hackintosh (iDeneb 10.5. and brother's legit Intel Mac Mini (10.6.2) if needed. And a very slow Windows laptop! I have an 8gb USB stick if needed and if nesscary I will purchase an external DVD drive Anything out there for me guys, thanks so much in advance! Kit
  2. Dell e520 ICH8R Retail Snow Leopard Install

    But is that method retail? From me reading it it seems as if you have to backup all system etc every time you want to update? I would prefer a vanilla style method where updates aren't so tricky. For example if I had lots of apps I'm guessing I would have to back it all up? Please correct if wrong or if you know of a way I can install Snow Leopard on Dell E520 retail style. Please also let me know if I am using these 'retail' 'vanilla' terms in the wrong sense! Thanks also - anyone know if a vanilla (there i go again) snow leopard (or even leopard) install for the Advent 4211?
  3. Dell e520 ICH8R Retail Snow Leopard Install

    Hi blkhockeypro19 Just out of interest how long do you think it'll be until you can get a 'universal' boot disc out? Understand if it's hard to gauge but just worked out how to get iPC 10.5.6 on Dell E520 (although installing snow leopard through it doesn't work ) so wondering if I should sort that out - install apps etc if it's going to be a while until this flies or if it is worth waiting. Happy to be patient but do you think we're talking days, weeks, months? Thanks so much for your work
  4. Dell e520 ICH8R Retail Snow Leopard Install

    Hi, I am also running a Dell E520 and have tried the boot CD, same errors as in post #14 Looking forward to the update as this seems the most likely way of me getting SL on Dell. Thanks for all your work and hope update comes soon