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  1. Read the first top post: Don't you dare post a comment without reading rest of this first post! kX will not support X-Fi series click here and discuss about X-Fi here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=135076
  2. Tested your dsdt but no sound on the next startup and vram was showing 32Mb in system profile, batterie was showing estimated remaining time faster...
  3. Same here still the hda-gfx error showing up...
  4. Interesting what have you done?
  5. Yes noticed that and was surprised, guess the ION generate lot of heat and the heatsink must be very small, as I had a mini10V before same cpu but with gma950 and there was no fan inside, just the heatsink and perfectly silent!!! Nothing to do, but for cosmetic will be nice to include this in smbios.plist (ex.): <key>SMmemmanufacter_1</key> <string>Compaq/HP</string> <key>SMmemmanufacter_2</key> <string>Corsair</string> <key>SMmempart_1</key> <string>COMPAQ-HP-DDR3-1066/1G</string> <key>SMmempart_2</key> <string>CM3X2GSD1066</string> <key>SMmemserial_1</key> <string>0x00001020</string> <key>SMmemserial_2</key> <string>0x00003021</string> <key>SMmemspeed</key> <string>667/533 (depending on atom cpu)</string> <key>SMmemtype</key> <string>24</string> To get proper memory report in sys panel has I was testing bootthink I put these and got memery properly shown without an error message (top/bottom) and also the diagnostics was saying ok and now it is showing "bottom - slot 1 (top) (null), J3MY /(null), so the smbios mem part filled up will fix this.... EDIT: Did a quick test now it shows the memory field but still the diagnostic failed....
  6. maybe we can see if we can do anything with these?: Cpu temp cool hack by 67GTA on Ubuntu forums. This hack changes the way that tempreture is read by the system. If you have this code in your DSDT, the meaning is the following: If your OS is Windows Vista or earlier, then report that the temperature is readable by the system. else report that the temperature is not readable, creating an increase in temperature and incorrect functioning of the CPU fans Search for these sections in your DSDT, and comment (//) the lines suggested to eliminate this check completely. Before: Method (_HOT, 0, Serialized) { If (LEqual (OSYS, 0x07D6)) { Return (Add (0x0AAC, Multiply (TPC, 0x0A))) } } Method (_CRT, 0, Serialized) { If (LLess (OSYS, 0x07D6)) { Return (Add (0x0AAC, Multiply (TPC, 0x0A))) } } After: Method (_HOT, 0, Serialized) { // If (LEqual (OSYS, 0x07D6)) // { Return (Add (0x0AAC, Multiply (TPC, 0x0A))) // } } Method (_CRT, 0, Serialized) { //If (LLess (OSYS, 0x07D6)) // { Return (Add (0x0AAC, Multiply (TPC, 0x0A))) // } } AND FAN hack On some machines, the fan settings are incorrect. Here we examine why on this machine (Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro 2030): Device (FAN) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0C0B")) Name (_PSC, 0x00) Method (_PS0, 0, NotSerialized) { <----------------------------- This control method is empty. } Method (_PS3, 0, NotSerialized) { <----------------------------- This one too. } } The solution consists of adding extra code and filling the empty spaces in the methods with the correct "State" information. Method (_PS0, 0, NotSerialized) { \_TZ.PFAN._ON () SFAN(0x03) } Method (_PS1, 0, NotSerialized) { SFAN (0x01) } Method (_PS2, 0, NotSerialized) { SFAN (0x02) } Method (_PS3, 0, NotSerialized) { \_TZ.PFAN._OFF () } That way, the FAN (Ventilador) would end up this way: Device (FAN) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0C0B")) Name (_PSC, 0x00) Method (_PS0, 0, NotSerialized) { \_TZ.PFAN._ON () SFAN(0x03) } Method (_PS1, 0, NotSerialized) { SFAN (0x01) } Method (_PS2, 0, NotSerialized) { SFAN (0x02) } Method (_PS3, 0, NotSerialized) { \_TZ.PFAN._OFF () } extracted from DSDTse
  7. Also, is that normal that the fan is constantly on? there might be an issue with the dsdt and the system not being able to monitor temperature properly and making the fan spinning all the time...? or maybe under windows it's the same? but this will dramatically reduce the fan lifetime and battery autonomy...
  8. Also what about Boot Think? it's a nice boot loader, I'll give it a try with the mini, and it is also the only bootloader which work on my pc!! for some reason cham and pcefi hangs don't know why and didn't investigate much, but with boot think it is rock solid!!!
  9. Use cpuinjector.kext works great for me!!! look in insanely forum set up for which cpu and that's it!!! Here it is: cpuinjector kext
  10. @Theproto about BAT dsdt code, have a look and check if the values/names are matching with the one inside our dsdt if it is the case a copy-paste should be ok as it is just reading stored values to make them useable for os X....I guess... Anyway thanks for the great job and great effort, energy you are deploying in this also same for the others animating this place!!!
  11. Open pdf file and read what is written in the first page....Pavilion DM1 have a different mobo/cpu/chipset: HP Pavilion dm1 HP Mini 311 Compaq Mini 311 Maintenance and Service Guide It's not only the mini 311 Maintenance manual but 3 systems in one guide....
  12. So there is absolutly no hope to use the stock wifi+bluetooth b/g card? I tried to do some test but found it and says unsupported Airport... another nice DSDT patching for BAT it is coming from netbookinstaller for a mini10V, but values inside needs to be changed to match the ones from our mini, if somebody wants to have a look and probably will give accurate batterie life as the mini10V is also using appleacpibatterymanager.kext.... BAT.txt
  13. To end with this: 537921-001 Bluetooth card for use with the HP Pavilion dm1 not with Compaq/HP Mini 311 taken from (thanks to myhpmini forum!): c01898746.pdf HP Mini 311 Maintenance and Service Guide October 2009 Edition
  14. Ok thanks I bought two of these and cross fingers that they will be same as yours....!
  15. @theproto Where did you get your dell 1510 with bluetooth? Also could confirm references on it? Thanks!!