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  1. CCC Backup not restoring correctly

    thank you sooo much.
  2. I used CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) to clone my boot hard drive (running 10.6.4) to an image on another hard drive. I then installed Kalaway on a spare hard drive. I booted into Kalaway -> replaced original drive with larger drive -> used CCC to clone image to new hard drive. Now the new hard drive won't boot. I'm using Chameleon RC4 and Retail SL. Anything I'm missing?
  3. I'm thinking the same thing. Its so annoying. The ethernet doesn't even show up when I run lspci
  4. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    Yes the same thing is happening to me now
  5. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    Can you upload your networking files?
  6. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    same here. i have the kext from leopard but it only works in 32 bit mode and i get a kp when i try to boot in to that.
  7. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    Thats just what I need