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  1. You may just follow DiaboliK's installation steps in this thread, simple and easy. Even one of my previous post has steps listed. Plz do a search.
  2. I have been following this thread for quite some time. I don't see a solution for the >2Gb Mem issue when using internal display. Could you please directly point it out? Thanks in advanced.
  3. So, is there any way to modify the memory mappings in the dsdt? Thanks.
  4. I experienced exactly the same issue as netcastle. I have tried both Corsair and Kingston memory from 2G to 8G. The system runs perfectly with any 2G RAM. Once installing more than 2G, however, the problem appears for either Corsair or Kingston RAM. I don't think it is a gfx issue, but a memory issue. A fan is added to north-bridge and temperature is always blow 30'C. The instability issue is still the same when using 4G. System hangs when doing large file extraction. Could it be the problem of Jmicron ATA? I found that there are issues on Jmicron and 4Gig ram in previous discussion? I am using a ATA dvd. Will try to disable it and see what would happen. Another discussion posted a solution by using less memory by maxmem=3328. Or in com.apple.Boot.plist, add <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>maxmem=3328</string> I will try it when I have time. netcastle may try to see if it works. AppleVIAATA over 4gb RAM bug solved http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=127611
  5. Thanks for Signal64's guide. I have done some more testing for the RAM issue. Memtest86+ passed without error. Installed Windows Vista 64 bit running games with no problem at all (the northbridge heatsink runs up to 64 degree C). Normal use (playing chess, iPhoto etc) of Leopard 10.5.6 with no problem. When I use Pacifist to install Leopard in another HD, the screen melts and system freeze. The northbridge temperature is 58 degree C. It seems it is not the problem of hardware. I didn't try large file extraction as chrilled did. I will swap another pair of 4G memory to try it tomorrow. Any other suggestions to discover the source causing the issue?
  6. I am also using 4 gig Corsair 800mhz RAM and getting gfx issues. Removing 2G ram makes it work fine. Adding to 6G in total doesn't help. I have tried the iPC, Retail, Restore disks. All are with the same issues. Now I can only use 2G ram. Hope this can be solved soon. I wonder if it is the compatibility issue of the Corsair RAM. Regarding audio, I got rear analog output and front mic input after applying AppleHDA.kext. I summarize here two ways for installing, which I have tried successfully. Credit goes to Signal64, Diabolik and all others that spend their time for this. Normal approach ============================================================================== • OSXInstall.pkg using Pacifist with the MBP ALU restore disk, or retail disk • Apply 10.5.6 update using Pacifist • Install pc-efi v9 using Bootloader or UInstaller_1.0 • Copy DSDT.aml to root • Boot to safe mode (-x) • Use kexthelper to install dsmos.kext; IntelCPUPMDisabler.kext; SMBIOSENABLER.kext • Install NVKush • Reboot Least modification ============================================================================== • OSXInstall.pkg using Pacifist with the MBP ALU restore disk, or retail disk • Apply 10.5.6 update using Pacifist • Install pc-efi v9 using Bootloader or UInstaller_1.0 • Copy DSDT.aml to root • Copy a dsmos.kext to /System/Library/Extensions • Delete Dont Steal blah blah.kext • Change you com.apple.Boot.plist so it's got a timeout and add -v by default • Delete /System/Library/Extensions.mkext • boot with -v -s initially, then mount -uw / (or whatever it says) • cd /System/Library/Extensions • chown -R 0:0 * • Reboot • Install NVKush • Reboot ============================================================================== • Modify the com.apple.boot.plist of your new install to include <key>Timeout/<key><string>8</string> • 730i_AHCI for SATA • ALC889A_1056_fix.zip, Install those two files with kexthelper, Make sure ACLinject or AppleAzaliaAudio aren't in the Extensionsfolder anymore.
  7. Finally I made it done. Thanks for the help from all, especially netcastle, mrosxn00b, diabolik. - OSXInstall.pkg using Pacifist with the retail leopard disk - Installed 10.5.6 update using Pacifist - PC-EFI v9 - Copy mrosxn00b's DSDT.aml (download from an earlier post) to root - add in kexts : a decryptor, smbios enabler, cpupm disabler - diabolik's NVkush installer using Pacifist Issues: 1. no sound, will work on it later 2. CPU info is not correct. I used mrosxn00b's DSDT.aml which is for Q-core, while mine is C2D E8400. I run DSDT Patcher with error. Hence I wonder if anyone can provide a C2D DSDT. Thanks again! DSDT error message: ./dsdt_fixed.txt 2822: Return (NVH7 ()) Error 4060 - Called method returns no value ^
  8. Thanks for you help! I use usb ext drive to install from my macbook. I didn't manage to boot into safe mode on GA board following your previous steps. I think I may need a unibody restore disk to retry. I encountered several errors, one of which is "Syncing disks. Killing all processes." Perhaps I need to plug the HD directly to sata. Will try it later.
  9. Just got my GA-E7AUM-DS2H today. Failed to boot my old OS 10.5.4 (clone) used on Thankpad X61S before. Shall try more on it tomorrow. I wonder if I can succeed as I don't have unibody store disc, yet there is 10.5.6 update now. Any helpful information is appriciated.
  10. Since this mobo uses the identical chipset as the new macbook system, would it be a good choose for the new hack system? anyone wants to try it out?
  11. Just wonder if the EFI BIOS has better compatibility for OSX86. I have searched without matching results, however, if it is appeared before, sorry about it.
  12. I tried this but failed. At least, the merged partition is not bootable any more even it is set to be active.
  13. Resize OS X partition after install?

    There might be quite some work, however, it will be done: 1. use Partition Magic to make a temp partition which is just large enough to contain your data in OSX 2. use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone your OSX to temp 3. make a new partition OSX as large as you like 4. Clone temp back to OSX 5. delete temp and reclaim space