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  1. After looking around in the forums and not seeing an answer to why I couldn't boot Windows 7 from Chameleon v2rc1, I accidently stumbled across the solution. So for anyone who is searching for the answer, this is how: Select the partition "System Reserved" and not your actual Windows 7 partition.
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    Essential Applications and Utilites

    iSquint is what i use for iphone video format conversion
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    Intel Wireless driver

    point me towards xcode and i will do it edit: n/m downloading and installing now
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    Intel Wireless driver

    Ok this may sound stupid, but I was trying to gather logs for the kernel panic on my 2100 (the latest revision) and the system.txt and the dmesg.txt are both empty... mind giving me a play by play of how I "should" be testing the driver :-)... thank you
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    Intel Wireless driver

    I will need to further test when I get home, and upload logs, but from my initial test of attempting to straight boot, then a -s boot with a kextload of the kext, both end in the exact same kernel panic. Will upload logs shortly.
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    Intel Wireless driver

    OSX 10.4.8 with 8.8.1 (Jas) - Gateway 200arc laptop, intel pro/wireless 2100 3b card. I have tried to it this way and still get a kernel panic here is a horrible picture of the screen and logs: (dmesg.txt was empty and therefore will not upload) edit: Decided I should be a little more clear. When I install the kext and restart, I get an error saying i need to power off or restart the system. If I boot with the -s option, I can actually see the kernel panic (in the picture). If i remove the kext, boot with -s, and then attempt to load the kext, I get the same kernel panic instantly. system.txt ioreg.txt
  7. To give a little background information, I have a gateway 200arc laptop ( Full specs ). I install with no problems. During the install the touch pad and keyboard work wonderfully. When I boot into the install I get errors about ApplePS2Mouse and ApplePS2Trackpad.kext ( i think) AppleAC97audio.kext are not installed properly and need to be reinstalled. Once in the install the touchpad and keyboard do not work. On a side note, when I boot into the install I can use an additional USB mouse perfectly.