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  1. I just got the Asus M3N78PRO Working! I got everything but the Raid and 8300 on-board video working. I am using the latest Asus Bios with 4gb DDR2 1066 ram. I have ide enabled and ahci enabled in the bios. DO NOT USE RAID or SATA modes! Also, the IDE drive doesn't show up once the OS is up. I used the iAtkos v7 and I used a Lite-on IDE DVD Burner to load the OS as my usb external kept giving me boot errors. I The biggest thing with switching to the black sata ports on the MB because the red ones won't load the OS. I have an evga 8500gt 512mb video card. From the top: Chameleon v2 Extra Directory DSDT (NO SMBIOS Checks) AppleDecrypt 9.5.0 Voodoo Kernel is what I used because 9.7.0 locked up Disabler Under vga, I went to enablers, nvenabler Under SATA/IDE I went to nForce SATA/IDE Under sound I did the Voodoo HDA driver Under wired ethernet i chose nForce Ethernet After installing, you must reboot and load the DVD back up again and go under the utilities section and go to information on the Hard Drive and find out the info Chameleon needs to install. It should look like d0s1, which means Disk 0, Partition 1. Now when you select Chameleon, it will ask which Disk to install on, I typed just the 0 and hit enter. Next it asked for the partition #, I typed 1 and hit enter along with y for Yes when prompted. I let Chameleon go until it was [PROCESS COMPLETED] and closed Terminal and closed the installer and clicked restart. Everything works! FYI, I had a hiccup with an external usb hard drive on reboot so make sure your usb hd is unplugged or ejected when rebooting. Specs AMD 9850 Phenom x4 M3N78Pro Latest Bios 2x2gb OCZ Platinum DDR2 1066 Ram evga 8500gt Video lite-on IDE dvd burner PC Power and Cooling 610 PSU WD 400gb HD 8mb cache x4 USB Mouse and Keyboard (Enclosed Pics are for reference only) DO NOT CHOOSE THE SETTINGS IN THE iAtkos graphic, the graphic just illustrates the options available. Feel free to email me at myosx86@yahoo.com