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  1. Yes, I removed the ATI6000Controller.kext and started with the -f GraphicsEnabler=no, but still on the busy cursor. FINALLY! I solved the problem, only changing some BIOS settings. now I post the solution for future users, first I need to finish my OSX86 config!
  2. The problem (old message): I need help with my pc, after a week I'm enjoying a Mountain Lion 10.8.5 on my old AMD pc with a AMD Kernel. 4 days ago i'm buyed a Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 rev 3.0 and a Intel Core i5 3330, I builded my new pc including the Ati HD6670 graphics card. All ok but when I boot my Mountain Lion from my old AMD pc with mach_kernel don't boot. no kernel panics, only never boot, can stay days and continue booting... well since I builded this new pc I'm searching a solution and only can boot the system in safe mode. I used myHack, the guide, niresh, and other methods and no... I buyed a Gigabyte UEFI motherboard for most compatible system and only can boot in safe mode I'm not are a novice of OSX86, but no a super master. When I boot in normal mode I get a white screen with the busy cursor forever... Thanks a lot. The solution: Configure the BIOS in this form: 1) Load Optimized Defaults and Reboot. In BIOS Features: 1) VT-D = Disabled Enable if you have a Intel Core Ivy bridge "K" model: Example: i5 3330 = Disabled i5 3330K = Enabled In Peripheals: 1) Change IDE to AHCI 2) EHCI Hand-off = Enabled 3) Init Display First = PEG Reboot... Install using your favorite method! REMEMBER: if you use a ATI 6xxx graphics card (I'm use a Ati HD6670), delete the ATI6000Controller.kext from S/L/E in your Install USB, and boot using " -f GraphicsEnabler=No " without quotes. When your installation ends install it with Kext Utility or Kext Wizard.
  3. Hi, in after days researching for a low cost and compatible motherboard for OSX, I can't found the best, i want to buy a full compatible motherboard but this must be of low cost, my budget for this is about US$110 ($600 of Argentina Money), the best motherboard that I found is the GA-H61M-DS2 rev. 2.0, is this motherboard compatible in the most part? Requires DSDT? exists the DSDT for the rev. 2.0? the other motherboard, for my budget is better , is the Asrock H61M-VG3, this cost 50% less than the Gigabyte! both motherboards have the same chipset: Intel H61 Express, and both uses UEFI. what we recommends to me? if anyone knows a more compatible motherboard please tell me the model in a reply and the compatibilities, remember my budget is about US$110. thanks and greetings. I'm have the Intel Core i5 3330, the 4GB DDR3 RAM and the Ati HD6670, only need a most compatible motherboard, to build the perfect Hackintosh. And if my english is bad please excuse me, I'm from Latin America.
  4. This kernel is fantastic but only have the graphics glitches with the Ati 6670 and not 3D games and some H264 videos are full green, on the HD4670.