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  1. PCI Configuration Begin

    You have defined your gfx card....that will only work for others with the same card, in the same slot....
  2. If this is to annoy the hackintosh community, I think it may backfire slightly. It's not as if we are causing them extra support.....as we dont call them with issues.....but now they are giving hackintosh users a route to warez..... Surely they are better off letting us buy a disk we can play with....
  3. SAS controller and Lion

    It seems like all the Areca cards are supported (guess they have used them in Mac servers at some time). Never had a problem in ~5 years of Hackinstalls with Areca cards, always installs strait to the raid OTOB. It seems there is definately some LSI support out there http://www.storagenewsletter.com/news/syst...rds-osx-driver- Might be worth checking whats available and doing some device id editing...
  4. Personally I've given up with it for now. The only way at the moment seems to be to run a version prior to 11a459e with the snow leopard kexts. Might as well wait for Lion to release, it's a constantly changing target at the moment and the newer nVidia cards are causing a lot of issues.....almost certainly driver-related as they have jumped from the 25x series in SL to 27x series in Lion. Is their work being published on the voodoo projects svn? (If so, it would be nice to contact them, seems every branch still has a 64k hard-coded limit when dealing with nvidia bioses....perhaps I can pursued at least 1 dev to change this....) I also can't find it via google.....a bone might help....
  5. Well, they are working on the 270 series for Lion but I fear they may stop SL drivers at the 250 series. Praying for Lion sooner, rather then later.
  6. And still no new GF100 kext
  7. Boot verbose to see where it is stopping. If it is "PCI Configuration begin", then swapping the card later will not help. Updating your install media to 11A459e might though.
  8. PCI Configuration Begin

    You can apply the LionSWUpdate.pkg files to the installation media beforehand using a Snow Leopard install/VM.
  9. PCI Configuration Begin

    Some people are reporting that using NVEnabler and ATY_Init has solved the problem for them but still getting it here even with them (GTX580).
  10. You need to delete PlatformSupport.plist from the install disk you made.
  11. There is, I just wish I could re-create it. GTX580 here and after hours of trying I did ONCE get past it and onto the installer page, only to hit an ACPI Platform error...... My latest cunning plan revolves around imaging a VM drive from a working Lion VM install and restoring it over my OSX dev partition and then applying any fixes to get it functional again..... As to the one time past that message......I believe it was while using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] 1.5a, although I have had numerous unsuccessful attempts since with it and 1.4, a whole bunch of versions of XPC and several attempts with netkas' EFI/chameleon solution.......all stop at that same darn message..... Starting to get all these USB drives muddled up.... Have you tried installing with the 8800 and then swapping the cards?
  12. For me the nvram didn't help, I had numerous issues booting both Lion and SL with the EFI VM.......until I downloaded a pre-built VM. I just clone it, delete the disk and re-create a new one each time I want to make a new Mac VM now, Lion and SL both installed flawlessly with this VM. If your having troubles, it might be worth giving it a try, just add a SCSI HDD. Mac_OS_X_EFI_VM.rar
  13. You would have to either get a pre-build install image or setup a Snow Leopard virtual machine.
  14. I'm running it with 2 x 5870...only one works properly though. This is the only solution that allows me to use OSX with both cards inserted.
  15. I am not sure if a different BIOS would help, but if you do try some there is no need to flash it, you can use the "UseAtiRom = Yes" option in your boot.plist file and place the ROM (with the corrected filename) in the /Extra directory.