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  1. I wonder if anyone has the same problem. Scenarios: 1. C1E (enhance halt, so it says in the BIOS) enabled: - Windows 7 : boot + shut down + speedstep + boot-after-shutdown = works - Mac : boot + shutdown + speedstep = works. Boot-after-shutdown = stuck before BIOS. I didnt even see BIOS page, the machine just stuck as if it is busy, but nothing happen (or will ever happen). 2. C1E disabled - Mac works perfectly (even boot after shutdown). - Windows works fine, except speedstep. The speed stuck at full CPU speed. Any idea?
  2. I have replied to bird, but in case other people having the same difficulties, try to download the 10.5.2_NVkexts+.pkg again. Weird thing is that, i installed the pkg and it didnt work at first, i need to edit the NVinject. But on the other hand, i tried on my bro's pc with exactly similar gpu+mobo and the pkg worked fine.

  3. dering if this is the correct string to add and/or if you did anything else to make yours work. Thanks!

  4. Hey, I saw your post about the new 10.5.2 nvidia kexts and that you got them to work on your 8600 GTS. I have a 8600 GTS, but I am a bit confused. I added this to GeForce, NVDAResman, NVDANV50/40, NVinject’s Info.plist:


    (My device ID is 0400)

    I no longer have a kernel panic, but it gets stuck at the blue loading screen. I was won