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  1. I wonder if anyone has the same problem. Scenarios: 1. C1E (enhance halt, so it says in the BIOS) enabled: - Windows 7 : boot + shut down + speedstep + boot-after-shutdown = works - Mac : boot + shutdown + speedstep = works. Boot-after-shutdown = stuck before BIOS. I didnt even see BIOS page, the machine just stuck as if it is busy, but nothing happen (or will ever happen). 2. C1E disabled - Mac works perfectly (even boot after shutdown). - Windows works fine, except speedstep. The speed stuck at full CPU speed. Any idea?
  2. Project being halted for some time

    i wonder what happened to 1.4.5. the moment i install it, i get kernel panic.
  3. Font rendering/smoothing in OSX

    yerp, im afraid we dont have much choice. It's not like Apple wont improve this rendering, but maybe they cant. I supposed a big company like M$ would've filed for patent on font sharpening techniques. Comparisons between videos/text editing/web browsing here: http://www.scavey.com/index.php/should-i-m...wing-renderers/ check it out.. i believe you'll understand it better