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  1. I wonder if anyone has the same problem. Scenarios: 1. C1E (enhance halt, so it says in the BIOS) enabled: - Windows 7 : boot + shut down + speedstep + boot-after-shutdown = works - Mac : boot + shutdown + speedstep = works. Boot-after-shutdown = stuck before BIOS. I didnt even see BIOS page, the machine just stuck as if it is busy, but nothing happen (or will ever happen). 2. C1E disabled - Mac works perfectly (even boot after shutdown). - Windows works fine, except speedstep. The speed stuck at full CPU speed. Any idea?
  2. matchop

    Project being halted for some time

    i wonder what happened to 1.4.5. the moment i install it, i get kernel panic.
  3. matchop

    Font rendering/smoothing in OSX

    yerp, im afraid we dont have much choice. It's not like Apple wont improve this rendering, but maybe they cant. I supposed a big company like M$ would've filed for patent on font sharpening techniques. Comparisons between videos/text editing/web browsing here: http://www.scavey.com/index.php/should-i-m...wing-renderers/ check it out.. i believe you'll understand it better
  4. matchop

    intel G45 chipset and x4500 graphics...

    if any consolation, wait for MacMini. There are rumors that said new minis would either have X4500 or Nv 9400. cross ur fingers e'one
  5. matchop

    intel G45 chipset and x4500 graphics...

    so, i take it there wont be a native support for X4500. Hack support would be nice, but at this point it looks like there wont be any support for that poor chipset/gpu. Oh well, time to get the new MacBook then..
  6. yup. running on 22" at 1680x1050.
  7. actually, i have 8600GTS, thus using an nVidia driver installer and default font setting. I believe that's what real macs are using too right?
  8. thx guys. well, i kinda did that already :censored2:
  9. okay, since no one cares to reply, or nobody had any idea what i was talking about. i have to admit, real macs do look much better than mine, and i asked myself, what's the difference? really? The answer, use DVI port dummy. i've been using VGA port and somehow it's blurrier than using DVI port. I didnt think that they have that much differences initially, but once my bro switched to DVI (admitedly, different TFT monitor) the color looked so much better. switching to DVI port gave me a bit improvements over the blurriness, though it is not as sharp as in Windows, but i can live with it now.
  10. matchop

    How to know if speedstep is working?

    hehe, it worked perfectly. Both of my C2D cores stay at around 27-29 Celsius, I think speedstep works fine
  11. matchop

    How to know if speedstep is working?

    okay, i think i may have found a way, not perfect, but a way. First, run windows and use cpuz and HWmonitor (hardware monitor from cpuz team too) to detect speedstep freq and temperature of lower freq cpu step. Then, run MacOS and leave it idle and check the temperature. I dont think i need to explain further. Question: how the heck we gonna get cpu temperature in MacOS? i tried CoreDuoTemp, but it doest work, giving me "Cant make "ys" into type real."
  12. Hi Gurus and Great Mac OS Fans out there, I adore MacOS and have been trying Mac for a long time. Each time i find myself very disturbed with the Mac's font rendering technology (slightly blurry). Please do not lecture me on why it is like it is, I know it all. Just that i love mac so much that i have given it tons of tries, but still ended up going back to windows (not for games or anything, even for casual internet browsing). The question is, do we have another option? or is there there anything that i can do to reduce the "blurriness"? ps: i tried changing the font smoothing setting, none seem to do it for me.
  13. matchop

    ALC883 finally 5.1 sound !

    i believe the line in was not the focus of the driver (read, line in doesnt work). the driver was custom made by Taruga to give 5.1 sound output.
  14. matchop

    How to know if speedstep is working?

    I am using vanilla kernel. I know of course it has speedstep + sleep, but sleep doesnt work for me. Does not bother me that much. But speedstep really is important for me. We need to find an app in mac that will show live cpu freq. I tried iStats in dashboard, but it doesnt report cpu freq.
  15. im sorry peeps. I have to say to me, installing mac and get it to work perfectly is the most fun i have with Mac. I mean, once i have e'thing working, the fun is gone and i find myself going back to Windowz again.. Yes, mac has soooo many greatness in it. BUT, these are what i cant live without (i do php e'ry day) 1. mac font is blurry (google mac font rendering vs windows font rendering). I know, none is superior than the other, but to me what good a 22" TFT if u just want a blurry font? hehe 2. home, end buttons. I know this sounds silly, but when u code e'day and u've used to them, then u know. There are some key mapping techniques, but all i can find are for Tiger. On a different note, I LOVE and adore the Mail app.