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    Show Your Connection Speed!

    My speed tests are significantly faster in OS X than XP. I end up maxing out my bandwidth. The RWIN on OS X according to dslreports is 524280. I think the default for XP is around 16XXX and I had mine set to 48XXX.
  2. KrazyDawg

    Will you still buy the real deal?

    Maybe in the old Mac days when they had made their own processors. Apple doesn't own Intel and that makes a big difference when running OS X 10.5x and up. There are plenty of companies that make motherboards and chipsets, so there's nothing unique or special about Apple's hardware in that regard. I'm not the only one that doesn't like proprietary hardware/software. They just limit the selection to avoid compatibility problems, which can be seen as a good thing for business and customer support but at the same time, drives up the cost as a monopoly. Last I checked, Intel SSD drives had problems running on Macs and neither Apple or Intel wanted to address the problem, instead blaming each other. Microsoft isn't any different but at least XP is supported on practically all machines. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about OS X. On the other hand, the OSX86 project is giving publicity and advertising to future buyers. If price were not an option, than yes the real thing is preferred. Still undecided on using it as a primary machine but it is definitely faster on speed tests, both downstream and upstream. Is there a Linux distro out there that's as good as OS X?
  3. KrazyDawg

    Half Done?

    Using Firefox, I always have the tabs open, so session manger saves everything that I have open when I exit. I noticed that when I click the red x, FF doesn't close and restore my session. I have to quit it using Alt + X (windows side) which is supposed to emulate the shortcut command +, since PC keyboards don't have the same layout.
  4. I've always said OS X since I come from the Windows side. Now that I know the X represents the 10th version of their OS it clears things up but I don't see the versions listed as OS X.7. From a marketing standpoint, the X symbol makes it look "cooler." That's why you see all these ATI Radeon X... cards.
  5. KrazyDawg


    XP and Windows 7 are still two different OS. I've read that Windows7/Vista don't need to be "tweaked" to optimize your bandwidth but with XP you do have to change the RWIN and other settings to maximize your speed. That might be where the difference lies. I noticed in OS X the RWIN is set significantly higher. I don't know if that's by default but on Dell D620 dual booting XP and OS X, OS X is significantly faster and maximizes my bandwidth. My speed test results are 8Mbit on OS X and on XP it struggles to hit 6Mbit. My connection is also rated for 6Mbit through Comcast and I verified it with real time speeds, so it's not a fluke. I've been hitting stable speeds of 870 KB/sec on OS X which are not powerboost speed bursts. This was performed on over 1GB of anime downloaded consecutively.
  6. KrazyDawg

    Mac OS X on a Dell Latitude D620?

    Does the Conexant HDA D110 modem driver load by default for anyone? I used Kalyway 10.5.2 with "modem not found." A search listed a different install package loading the driver but I am unable to find the ktext for it.