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  1. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 is Available!

    Just updated. Replaced Applehda with one working from 10.7.1. No errors or KP on startup but now all videos are very choppy, sound is rather crackly too. All other graphics work fine, just video playback is broke.
  2. Hi I've just got a new motherboard Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R. Tried to start up my Lion disk but get stuck on an HPET kernel panic, think its because of the DSDT i had which is from the previous board (asus P6x58d-e). Is there a way to start up through chameleon bypassing the DSDT?
  3. RevoBoot


    GTX 460 SE is the EVGA card. Device id is 0e23 Mine works great following this guide here. Even dual display works - one through DVI (monitor) and one HDMI (Tv).
  5. Check for Hardware Video Acceleration capabilities

    Evga 460 gtx Lion GM A@@@-iMac:~ @@@@$ /Users/@@@@/Downloads/VDADecoderChecker; exit; Successfully connected to the Intel plugin Hardware acceleration is fully supported Segmentation fault: 11 logout
  6. RevoBoot

    Can't get the revobuilder script to compile from within lion, works fine in snow leopard. Once compiled from snow leopard it boots Lion fine. Now trying to understand the SSDT tables. Got graphics and HDMI audio patch in DSDT how would i go about getting this (and the other patches) into the SSDT file
  7. RevoBoot

    Working now. Couple of reboots and it picked it up.
  8. RevoBoot

    OK got it to boot. Cant get it to find the pre-linked-kernel though. Also using blackosx revobuilder can only compile using static cpu info, guess thats because the settings.h file is newer than revobuilder.
  9. RevoBoot

    Trying to get this working. Compiles fine but wont boot up. How do you enable verbose mode (not the debug options). Can i use a video card bios (Extracted with gpu-z in windows, saved as .bin file), converted to correct format with flAked's command. Output comes out a lot bigger than device-properties way. new.txt
  10. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Changed to IOGraphicsfamily from Dp1 and added This kext. Performance gone from 5fps to 33fps
  11. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Evga GTX 460 SE works, sort of. Full resolution but no QE/CI. Performance is pretty bad, only scores 5fps in cinebench. Got my 460 working without ATY_init and nvenabler, using Graphicsenabler=y ,DSDT ,viderom (extracted from windows) and device id in nvdagf100hal. For Pci configuration begin see here
  12. GTX 480 and Lion OS X

    Try ATY_init Got my GTX 460 past DSMOS has arrived screen and into the gui with it.
  13. Finally got it working. Used ATY_init (new 64bit one from Netkas site). Updated to newest release, sound needs fixing and graphics is only basic (full resolution but no openCl and no QE/QI). Need tips on how to get audio Alc889 codec and fully fix graphics on GTX 460
  14. PCI Configuration Begin

    Use Appleacpiplatform.kext and IOPCIfamily.kext from either DP2 or Snow Leopard. Iopcifamily Appleacpiplatform
  15. Anyone with a GTX 460 managed to start the installer? Can get upto where the gui should start (language select) but it stands on the verbose screen. Still seems to be going in the background, when i press enter hard drive spins up again, but just cant get the gui to come up. Had the Pci Confi begin problem, got past it by using another iopcifamily kext. IOPCIFamily.kext.zip