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  1. EeePC 1000H Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Tutorial

    Hi everyone, Thanks to a mix of this tutorial and the German one I've achieved a 99% working 1000H running 10.6.8. I'm coming here to know if anyone has a clue to fix the last 1%. Here are the last points that bother me: The webcam is not working, if I start Photo Booth I can see the green led lighting on. But the screen stays black and if I try to capture something the software hangs. fn hotkeys are partially working. The num pad, page up, page down, home and end are working. But the ones likes volume or brightness are not working. Which is strange because at least the brightness control is working during startup (the grey Apple logo). Chameleon only sees 800x600 resolutions, then I had to use SwitchResX to get proper 1024x600. See, these are minor issues and I can do perfectly with them. But in case someone has any idea to get to 100%, I'd gladly take them. Here is a screenshot of the video info from Chameleon and the settings of my org.chameleon.Boot.plist through Chameleon Wizard, in case it can help: Thanks in advance.
  2. No QE/CI with Geforce 8600 GT 1024 MB

    Ok, thanks for the info. I'll give a try!
  3. No QE/CI with Geforce 8600 GT 1024 MB

    Why not? The thing is that I wouldn't know what to customize in the string. Any link to a step by step or well documented procedure ? Thanks.
  4. No QE/CI with Geforce 8600 GT 1024 MB

    Hello. Bad luck, I've installed natit from the link provided. But still no QE/CI. I've tried NVdarwin, doesn't work either. I've tried NVenabler, same result... I've modified Info.plist to add the ID (0x402) of the card in various kext, but still no luck. So, If anyone have any other idea, I'd love to give a try.
  5. No QE/CI with Geforce 8600 GT 1024 MB

    Thanks for your advice, I'll try tomorrow and tell you if it worked.
  6. Hello everyone, I've recently installed Leopard on a friend PC, here is the setup: - Asus P5K - Geforce 8600 GT 1024 MB (from Gainward, I think, but I'm not sure) - Leopard retail DVD - Boot132 P5K version, downloaded from this forum - Chameleon Bootloader 1.12 for Hard Drive with the Kext from the Boot132 disk - VoodooHDA for audio - Graphic and IDE drivers installed the OSX86Tools function - System update to 10.5.8 using the Software update function Everything is running very well, except there is no Quartz Extreme and only software Core Image. I've tried EFI Studio to add strings. If I remove NVInject.kext I'm back to 1024*768 resolution without any other choices. If I keep NVinject.kext, no QE/CI. I've tried to install NVKush, but after reboot I got a black screen with the mouse pointer in the upper left corner, then the cursor goes into the spinning wheel mode, and nothing else. I haven't tried NVDarwin yet, but every topic I've been reading so far are telling that EFI strings are the best choice. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to get it to work. So, it's been a few days I'm stuck in this situation. If someone have any clues on what steps should I do to get QE/CI to work, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.