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  1. First of all thank you all for your support!! This thread is a great peace of work and great help for everyone using the superb ep45 ds3l board:) Now my question: I have 10.6.8 running perfectly on my system and now I want to upgrade to Lion. I am a bit confused that all installation guides here use a USB Drive or a similar way to do a fresh installation..........What was all the rest for then?? I would actually prefer simply to upgrade my 10.6.8 to Lion and I also found a post of someone who did that. However before he updated he created a boot USB - Drive and I do not understand why? Does Lion Remove the Chameleon files already installed on the Mac partition ? I installed Chameleon to the hidden EFI partition so will Lion touch this ? I am planning to upgrade my Chameleon to match 10.7 and then simply upgrade my OS X installation and reboot. Will this work or is Lion gonna kill my EFI - Chameleon ? Sry, long post but help is very appreciated, thanks in advance:D