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  1. Freezing/Indefinite Hanging Of Applications

    Well, the CMOS reset got me to be able to boot from the DVD and install OSX again. Thanks! Now, however, I seem to be having an issue with EFI strings that I wasn't having before.. I'm only getting one resolution in the System Preferences> Display, and my second monitor isn't being recognised. Any idea? EDIT This is interesting, and I'm sure is causing the problem... According to the System Profiler, my graphics card is recognised as an ATI Radeon HD 4890 - which it isn't, it's an Nvidia GeForce 9800GT. Let me mess around with the EFI strings some more... EDIT 2 Okay, whatever. I couldn't get anywhere with the EFI strings. I installed NVinject and now resolution and dual monitors work correctly, but QuartzExtreme isn't enabled. What should I do about this? EDIT 3 Just in case anybody else runs into this, I figured i'd update it again. After REMOVING NVinject, without changing anything else, the EFI strings magically worked (as in, they were there, I installed NVinject, leaving them there, and then removed NVinject). Go figure.
  2. Freezing/Indefinite Hanging Of Applications

    Yeah, I guess I will too. Weird thing is, I put the install DVD to install 10.6.2 again and I can't boot it unless I boot in safe mode. It worked before! But now I get a kernel panic unless I boot in safe mode (the DVD, not the OS)
  3. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300, Nvidia Geforce 8800GT, and a Gigabyte mobo. I installed 10.6.2 vanilla, and everything worked fine. However, after upgrading to 10.6.3, I have applications frezing within minutes of using the OS, with one app hanging at a time, wit the dock and menubar being unresponsive too. Has anyone else had this problem and/or know of a solution? Thanks!
  4. Problem with iDeneb 10.5.5

    Okay...I guess I didn't explain my problem clearly enough. I can't get into OSX. When I try booting into it, I'm greeted with Chameleon's error "boot1: error"
  5. Problem with iDeneb 10.5.5

    Again, I'm sorry, but I didn't see anything about osx86tools or Chameleon in the install DVD. Could you try to explain again?
  6. Problem with iDeneb 10.5.5

    I'm sorry, but how do I do that? Is osx86tools on the install DVD? EDIT I'm rebooting to try it out right now
  7. Trying to install Diablo II...

    Yeah...That's what I've been trying to use..
  8. I am running an AMD machine and have recently tried to install iDeneb's 10.5.5 AMD/Intel release. The install went smoothly (apparently) but when I try to boot from it, I get the error "boot1: error" All I can find online is people saying "reinstall your bootloader" to answer other people's questions. I can't find how to do that, though. I have seen instructions saying to boot the install DVD with the flag -s, run fdisk -e for the disk, then flag the partition...Which I have done, as follows: -s fdisk -e /dev/rdisk1 flag 3 write update quit reboot It didn't hep though =\ Can anyone help? I've searched the forum and didn't find anything.
  9. Trying to install Diablo II...

    Has anyone else installed Diablo II using Blizzard's native installer?
  10. Trying to install Diablo II...

    I downloaded Blizzard's native installer and have failed to progress past that...My Install Disc for Diablo II is in the drive, and when I run the native installer, nothing happens. nothing appears on the dock, and no processes begin running (I checked it in the terminal with 'ps -A') What's wrong? From what I understand, this should be a relatively simple and straightforward process, but it just is not working for me.
  11. 6 Channel Audio in Leopard?

    Hah...I seem to always have the difficult problems. Come one...With all those pageviews, nobody has any insight to my question?
  12. 6 Channel Audio in Leopard?

    I have a Biostar TForce4 SLI motherboard, with onboard Realtek ACL850 AC97 soundcard. It has 8 channels for audio, and I just bought a new set of Logitech X-450 5.1 speakers. The problem is that (right now) OSX isn't showing support for anything other than two channels of audio, meaning the only way I can get any sound from the other speakers is through "Matrix" mode, which isn't true surround sound, and doesn't sound nearly as good. I've tried the speakers in Windows (to verify sound SHOULD be coming out of the speakers, as this is my first surround sound setup) and it does work. So I was wondering if there is any way I can hack at the system to get 6-channel audio support? Or, you know, a kext if there is one, haha. Thanks!
  13. Hey, I'm running Kalyway's 10.5.4, and would like to install it on my laptop, which has an Intel Wireless/PRO 3945, ergo it doesn't yet work with Leopard. I've been looking for cheap USB wireless adapters to use until the kexts for my built-in wireless card are released, and it seems like the D-Link DBT-120 would be a good choice, in terms of size and price. Does anyone know whether or not it's compatible? If it isn't, what USB adapters are compatible? Thanks!
  14. LENOVO IdeaPad Y-510

    I have the same laptop. Haven't tried installing Leopard in it yet but I can tell you that there's no real point in trying right now, unless your laptop will be tethered to an ethernet cable, because the wireless card, the Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN, isn't functional in Leopard yet.
  15. Graphics Driver Issue After 10.5.3 AMD Update

    Alright, I've got it working, and I've since updated to 10.5.4 too, everything works great. Thanks everybody.