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  1. Nikkorasu

    A History of OSx86 – Part I

    I wish that Apple would release a version for the PC. I would purchase that even if it were something like $199... Not that I necessarily think my PC looks pretty or anything, but I hate having to go through hardware like it's tinfoil. Plus my wife hates it when I have tons of hardware laying around. BTW... I think this history is great! I was totally in to trying to get OS X for x86 going... but alas, when it comes to programming or anything like that I know absolutely nothing about that. Someday I'll have my bohemuth iMac or something and I'll be completely happy.
  2. Nikkorasu

    Rhapsody DR2

    It's funny how unstable rhapsody could be, but on the flip side, we have an OS X Server 1.0 (which as far as I remember is still mainly Rhapsody) machine here at work and it's been running for years without a rebuild. We were also afraid to touch it because it's been working for all these years with out a problem.
  3. Nikkorasu

    Rhapsody DR2

    Is there any way you could get me a copy of DR1 and DR2 for x86? I'd like to try them out and tinker with it. Thanks.