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  1. What towers or components has OS X x86 been guaranteed to work on?
  2. I've got OS X up and running on my laptop, but the VGA out isn't working and I need to get this on my tower w/ more power and bigger monitor. It's an HP dc7800 w/4GB of RAM, Intel Q35 Express Chipset for the display, Core Duo E6550 Processor which is pretty damn close to the same specs on the laptop I have it working on. So where is the discrepancy? Everything I've tried has not worked. iDeneb 10.5.5., 10.5.7, or Lite, iAtkos v7 and kalyway 10.5.2 All just sit on the grey Apple screen w/ no progress. Please help with this. I'm at the end of my wits trying to figure this out and would very much like to get OS X up and running on my tower. Here is a screenshot of -v mode on iAtkos And here is a screenshot of -v on iDeneb 10.5.7
  3. Thanks for the info! and accept my apologies.
  4. Yesterday I had a post about whether I should use "Modify Only" or "Intel Installation" for the Software Updater that OS X x86 comes with. This morning I can't find it. It's a simple question and I've searched the boards with no success. Did a mod delete or move it and not even notify me? Either way, I still need to know the answer so I can try and update my system, thanks.
  5. reeg

    10.5.8 deep sleep problem?

    Do I dare just install or can I potentially get a kernel error?
  6. reeg

    10.5.8 deep sleep problem?

    Could you please advise what may help us?
  7. reeg

    10.5.8 deep sleep problem?

    Same here. Still no sleep. Display goes out, machine stays on... As soon as I move the mouse it's back up. It's almost like a "sleep" sort of screen saver that just fakes me out.
  8. Good idea. I'll try that tonight.
  9. Thanks for the help!! This got my trackpad working again and I'm not that worried about it right now, but the tap and scrolling still doesn't work. But thank you again. Much appreciated.
  10. So... I got this to work with my LinkSys, however, when I plug it in, it's almost as if it disables the other 2 USB ports. Anytime I use the WiFi adapter, I can't plug anything else into the other USB ports. The system won't even read anything else. As a result of this, I've resorted mostly to using ethernet so I can use my USB mouse and my Serato Scratch Live interface. If anyone has had this happen, please let me know a fix. It's very important to me and my career. Thank you in advance.
  11. Somebody please help. I really need to get this track pad working again. I have a DJ gig tomorrow night and I need to use that track pad with Serato.
  12. Just installed that and followed all instructions, but now my pad doesn't work at all. Thank goodness I have a USB mouse, but what the hell went wrong? How can I get my pad to work again?
  13. So is there a kext or package to install that's a guaranteed fix at all? I have a 6910p, but i want to be able to tap and scroll on the touch pad. Currently I have to use the buttons.
  14. reeg

    10.5.8 deep sleep problem?

    Well thanks for all the help guys! I don't think Sleep is working, but I will have to try without the AC plugged in and see if that makes a difference at all. I just really want to get this working because of the 8-10 minute boot up time this OS X x86 takes. It would be really nice to get into the OS faster.
  15. reeg

    10.5.8 deep sleep problem?

    Yah, it's in the terminal.