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  1. Yes I agree this is not a great permanent fix. There could be a property set if you only want to match a specific battery _UID. I can add this and post the change here. There's probably a better way to probe and determine whether to use the battery info or not, but a configuration option would guarantee it can work for all cases. - Turbo
  2. It does for me. - Turbo
  3. For Thinkpad owners (T61 specifically) I added this routine to make sure that matching only happens for the first battery (battery 0) /****************************************************************************** * AppleACPIBatteryManager::probe * ******************************************************************************/ IOService *AppleACPIBatteryManager::probe(IOService *provider, SInt32 *score) { OSString *OSS; IOService *ret = super::probe(provider,score); // Attach only to battery UID 0 if (ret) { OSS=(OSString*)provider->getProperty("_UID"); if (!OSS->isEqualTo("0")) return(NULL); } return(ret); } I can stick a binary up if somebody needs it. Thanks for your great work, Chun-Nan! - Turbo
  4. AD1984 used in Thinkpad X61 and L61 computers

    Try the Azalia patch for the HP AD1981HD by ovof, it's floating around this forum somewhere. I really know nothing about how Dell is using this chip, but the power-up patch in that kext might help you. - Turbo
  5. AD1984 used in Thinkpad X61 and L61 computers

    See http://0xfeedbeef.com/osx86/ for more information on the patch. - Turbo
  6. AD1984 used in Thinkpad X61 and L61 computers

    Hey popophobia, You can take down the ioreg link, I don't need it anymore. I was finally able to reproduce the burst-of-sound issue, and I'm pretty sure people who are no longer able to reproduce this are seeing the result of a race-condition on startup. See my site http://0xfeedbeef.com/osx86/ for details. I need to do some more work but a patch should be available soon. - Turbo
  7. AD1984 used in Thinkpad X61 and L61 computers

    Hey popophobia, Your ioreg is cut off - can you re-run like this and post the output? ioreg -w0 -lif > ~/ioreg.txt - Turbo
  8. AD1984 used in Thinkpad X61 and L61 computers

    What kext are you using exactly that works with this short burst of sound? Can you send it to me? I have a few ideas on what might cause a symptom like that - on my system I haven't gotten a peep out of it yet. - Turbo
  9. AD1984 used in Thinkpad X61 and L61 computers

    Hey all, I've worked with Taruga a bit on getting the AD1984 in my T61 working, and thanks to some of his insights I can get all components matched/loaded with the 10.5.2 driver. There is still no sound - the driver complains about the nodes being powered down (D3 state). I wrote a script to generate config-data that should power up all nodes but it's still not making the driver happy: Sound assertion "( ( kIOAudioDeviceActive != fCurrentPowerState ) && ( kAppleHDAIOAudioDeviceForcedActive != fCurrentPowerState ) )" failed in "/SourceCache/AppleHDA/AppleHDA-156.1.19/AppleHDA/AppleHDAEngine.cpp" at line 653 goto Exit It should be possible to patch the driver to get everything powered up. - Turbo
  10. Intel Pro 1000 issue

    ifconfig en0 down ; sleep 3 ; ifconfig en0 up should cause the device to run it's disable and enable routines
  11. Intel 82566 NIC

    Ok so I decided to start writing a driver that will work with the 82566. I have EEPROM access working and I can pull the MAC address. The driver registers with OSX and pops up the "new network interface found" dialog. Some transmit/receive logic and it should be usable in a limited capacity (auto-negotiation only, no workarounds or fixes yet) How many different systems are based on this chip? I have a laptop, otherwise I would have just popped a new NIC in there and not bothered with it... - Turbo
  12. Apple TV - What we know so far.

    OK so I picked up an AppleTV today and started messing around with it. I've gotten some stuff accomplished that I haven't seen documented anywhere so I stuck them on a web page here I have the ARD VNC server working fine, but the replacement Finder.app application doesn't accept any keyboard or mouse input. I can run other applications, but my primary goal is using it for playing back DVDs and HD MPEG2, so I'll be working towards that. I was about to document getting the ARD VNC server working, but it looks like someone over at the awkwardtv.org wiki has just done that. Next up is USB keyboard/mouse. - Turbo
  13. nothing interesting here

    I get the same thing. I tried the binary kernels as well as compiling my own w/ the proper adjustments. On my system coreservicesd crashes and loginwindow goes into a crash loop (alternating blue screen and console) I've got the crash logs if somebody who knows what it means wants to take a look.