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  1. Hi Filmshoot, after playing around a little bit with my M11X R2, and googling around , I can to the conclusion that Nvidea will not be supporting the optimus in linux so no linux on this machine, apple use their own switching between the onboard GFX and the Nvidea, so we will not be able to use the apple KEXT to get support for QE/CI on the R2 versions unless someone really clever finds a way of switching between the GFX. I then rang Dell and asked them to take my M11X R2 back on the grounds that here is no linux support for it. I have now placed an order for the M11X R1 (this is £400 cheaper) which allows the switching of the GFX cards in bios and hope to Dual boot Windows and OSX. I have also purchsed the DW1510 wireless card and will replace the stock DW5120 to get the wireless working. once the machine arrives i will install OSX and report back my findings. I may be wrong but do believe that we will not get QE/CI on the R2 models hence sending my back straight away. I also read somewhere that apple have asked intel to make the i core processors without the onbaord GFX. Hezzy
  2. Alienware M11x R2 i7 with Snow Leopard

    Hi Any further developments on this ? I've just ordered an M11X i7 and wondered if the gfx issue has been resolved. I know you can change the wireless card to DW1510. Hezzy
  3. Hi Guys Just about to place an order for the M11x i7 (I assume this is the R2), can someone confirm that by disabling the on board GFX in bios and only using the GT335 that i will get accelerated graphics i.e. qe/ci Enabled Also does the wireless work when replaced by the DW1510. Thanks Hezzy EDIT: just checked the manual for the R2 version and it is not possible to disable the on board GFX in Bios. This means that there will ne no support for QE/CI. Need to find a way of disabling the onboard intel GFX!!!!! My machine is due to be delivered early Dec.
  4. Hi All I have an Acer aspire 1810TZ, i have installed SL10.6.3 on a external USB HDD. what works: Sound (voodohda.kext) Battery approx 4-5 hours mainly due to the brightnes being at max. GFX no QE using modded X3100 kexts two finger scrolling fn F6 toggles backlight on/off. What does not work: WIFI (intel 3100) Ethernet Atheros Brightness control Sleep crashes very stuck at the moment. not very usefull without wifi and GFX (QE), i looked at replacing the wifi card but that is 1/2 lenght PCI-E, so can't replace with one from Ebay. may be i have missed something here, Logna707 when you say you have your working what do you mean, thanks. i will carry on, not giving up yet, will look at the Lizard option.