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  1. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    hey! is there anyone here to help me? i was testing all the drivers provided in this forum and finally got every one of them working but the problem stays with all of them! i think maybe this problem is not related to vga drivers. what is the name of the kext file related to the standby? any idea?
  2. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    Hi everybody! I installed the first provided driver in this forum and everything works perfect. QE is supported and enabled it using OSX86tools. The resolution is 1920x1200. but the problem is that graphic performance isn't so good until i turn my computer into standby mode and then return!!! then everything (animation, video files, and everything related to the vga) runs faster! system animations run more smooth and... when i restart or shutdown my mac os and then turn it on again, again graphic performance is not good. after standing by and returning if i restart mac os x monitor turns off but system doesn't! (if that helps to find the solution) tired of reading forums! can anyone please help!?
  3. It seems there are no answers here! Just questions! So I have one,too It worked for me partially. Rear output works perfect, but front panel output doesn't work. I tried AppleHDA (no sound at all), VoodooHDA (no front panel output) and AppleAzalia (again no front panel output)! Any idea? Main: Asus P5KPL-1600 Audio: ALC662 using iAtkos v7