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  1. There is a hidden Extra folder in the Mavericks installer. This is where I copied the files to and got a working installation
  2. Can you give a brief how-to on how you took the files the files from your working ML setup and added them to the Mavericks installer? I'm using Tony Mac's install guide for the Mavericks installer from the app store and I'm not getting a mouse and keyboard when I get to the installer. Thanks
  3. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    I have a Dell Studio 1535 and CANNOT get the sound working! I'm using iATKOS v7 and I've tried using the voodoo sound drivers. didnt work. did a clean install with azalia sound drivers, no good. Clean install again with AppleHDA kext that came on the install disc, still no good. This current install, I did with no sound drivers selected on the install. I've followed all of the directions from page 1 of this guide all the way to page 6. I downloaded kext helper and hex edit to perform the actions for each step and every time I install the new kexts that everyone is providing, kext helper tells me to cross my fingers and reboot, but it never works. I've done it at least 10 different. I've seen a handful of other people on here with Dell Studio laptops and IDT Audio that have successfully gotten it to work so I know its possible. I just dont know what I'm doing wrong!!
  4. I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4094 Laptop which I installed iAtkos 7 on and it worked wonderfully on the first installation. Everything works except for the ethernet and wireless. I'm not interested in using ethernet on the laptop anyway, but the wireless is a must. It currently has an Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG PCIe Mini Card installed which I have been reading does not currently work on OSx86. Does anyone know if it's possible to order an Apple Airport Xtreme PCIe Mini Card and have it work functionally on my Toshiba if I replace the current Intel PRO/Wireless card? Any insight would be much appreciated!!! Let me know!
  5. I have a MS LifeCame VX6000 and I downloaded the Sonix Driver you linked and edited the info.plist file to match what your picture shows; device id:244 and vendor id:1118. I repaired permissions with disk utility and I was able to get photo booth to take a picture but its completely black. I went back and changed the info.plist again using the device id:0x00f4 and the vendor id:0x045e. Again, I repaired permissions with disk utility but still got no picture from the camera. Is the light on the cam supposed to come on when its working? Also, the Sonix Web Cam Monitor does not pull up any cameras in its list when i open it. Any help here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  6. ECS G41T-M (V2.0) 10.6.2

    can you post some helpful tips for booting on this board? I have succesfully loaded iAtkos v5i on an Asus P5N Sli-e mobo with an Intel QX6850, IDE DVD-RW, 3 SATA 500GB HDs, and 2x2GB of DDR2 800Mhz RAM. I've been unable to load iAtkos V7 or Hazard Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on this machine. I had my sister order an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93Ghz processor and ECS G41T-M mobo with 2Gb of DDR2 800Mhz Ram to install OSx86 because she saw how smoothly my setup was running. She has an IDE DVD+/-RW, and a 200GB SATA HDD. She is going with the onboard Intel GMA X4500 onboard graphics for now but I have been unable to successfully boot OSX up to this point. I have successfully installed Iatkos V5 and V7 as well as 10.6.2 by Hazard on this setup with no problems but I have not been able to get any of them to boot to the desktop. I've tried every bootloader and every kernel available. I've tried booting with -f, -s, -w, -v and I've tried many of those in conjunction with eachother but the system just hangs at the white apple screen with the spinning gear. I haven't tried cpu=1 yet but I want her to be able to take advantage of both cores. If anyone has ANY useful insight to get this install to boot up, I would be extremely grateful. She is losing her patience with me after 20 different install attempts. I would like to be able to boot solely into OSX. No partitions. I have been using the GUID partition scheme. Thanks!!
  7. ATI Radeon 3450 works

    I've tried many options to booting into safe mode to no avail...still no video. So I'm just going to try to install a new distro. I was using iAtkos v5. I also have v7 and Leo4All v3 which I was previously unable to install. The iAtKOS 5 didnt come with iLife, which would have been nice, but I dont suppose any of the others do either. I'll see. Either way, without QE/CI I don't think it matters much. Luckily the files I wanted to recover were just DVD Rips which I am already downloading again on my Vista PC. Back to the drawing board.
  8. ATI Radeon 3450 works

    ok, i downloaded a kext installer and rebooted before editing now i have no video. I tried starting up in -s and removing the kexts that I installed from the first post but i still get no video. any suggestions? i really don't want to re-install OS because I have files that I did not back up and would like to recover. I'm sure there is an easy solution, i just don't know what I'm doing at all!! Thanks
  9. ATI Radeon 3450 works

    this is my first time using OSX86 and I've had it running for a whole 2 days! Any help in instructing how to install these files? Thanks!