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  1. QE/CI Yosemite ATI HD 4850

    Unsigned kexts won't load on Yosemite. Boot with kext-dev-mode=1 to get the kext to load. This should solve your problem. Worked for me!
  2. Alienware m17x r2 with dual mobility 4870s,

    Anybody have any clue how to fix this issue? Its driving me nuts!! Whenever I wake from sleep on my laptop monitor I get this. An attached display will wake up fine but not my laptop monitor. Is there some way to re-detect the laptop display or something?
  3. I have a fresco 1100 card in a cardbus. How can I get this to work?
  4. Alienware m17x r2 with dual mobility 4870s,

    I cant seem to get my display to wake up properly after going to sleep. The screen looks all pixilated. How can I fix this?
  5. Alienware m17x r2 with dual mobility 4870s,

    When my laptop goes to sleep, the display is all messed up when it wakes up. Any way to fix this?
  6. Alienware m17x r2 with dual mobility 4870s,

    Problem solved. I installed Darwinx86-ATI48X0-IDs-Injector.kext and added 0x945a1002 to the info.plist of that kext. Attached is a copy of that file with the id added to the kext. Darwinx86-ATI48X0-IDs-Injector.kext.zip
  7. Help with first time installing

    I just updated my computer from a 2.8 ghz dual amd to the Phenom II X4 965. I am getting the same error when I boot. Used Iatkos to install it on my system before I updated it. Have you had any luck?
  8. Any driver for Geforce 7150M?

    Has anybody tried this? I really want my resolution at 1280x800
  9. nvidia 7150m/mcp67m

    that doesn't work
  10. nvidia 7150m/mcp67m

    any luck?
  11. Nvidia GeForce Go 7150M (Need Change Resolution)

    Has anybody had any luck with this?
  12. I ended up buying an external hard drive and got it to install and boot up. I used Iatkos 10.5.7. I have the dv6607nr. The only issue I am having is everything is running choppy. I think it is due to the hard drive being usb. I'm trying to copy everything from my external hard drive to my internal but so far have been unsucessful. I really want to get my audio to work fully. Right now sound works, but I want to use my laptop for djing and need to output 2 different sources of audio. Right now I can only do 1.
  13. HP pavillion dv6607nr

    I am having the same problem on the same system. Any luck?
  14. I am having problems with this also. Unfortunatly on the AMD dv6000s we can't change the sata settings in the bios. I even tried looking for an older/hacked bios that will let you change the settings but I am having no luck. Any clue on how to install this on a SATA drive without changing the bios? I guess as a last resort you could use an external hard drive.