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  1. so, just a final update here. i got everything working perfectly expect the audio. i got impatient and gave up on it. i might go after a virtualization setup but whatever. it was fun so long fellow hackers!
  2. im sure this is a n00b question, but how can i tell? in the installer, i used the qoopz 10.2.0 kernel, btw. EDIT: i googled it, and no, i am not running in 64bit mode. although i would like to. also, i suspect that i am only using one of my cores (2x cores in my processor) because the flash plugin for chrome keeps crashing, and the "kill this page" dialogue keeps popping up, whereas in my win7 install, this never happened. how can i make 2 cores a permanent change? sorry, but yet another thing. i cant seem to find AppleAzalia.kext for my SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) sound card. if you know where to find it, could you link me to it? i searched all day yesterday, no dice.
  3. so i thought i would report back. i have a mostly functional osx86 snow leopard install on my AMD processor. ati gpu works, keyboard/trackpad works, ethernet works, wifi works, and ill work on the sound card tomorrow. usb works out of the box, so everything can be fixed as long as you have a usb keyboard/mouse. i think ill make an entry into the wiki once i can get everything working perfectly.
  4. so, leopard install, successful. i found a driver for my ethernet card (Realtek RTL8101E/8102E), and now im off to get the ahteros wirelss and ati driver! i must say, that hardware info app in the installers was extremely helpful. i wrote the whole thing down, and now i know where things are working. its fantastic i even have two finger scrolling and google chrome working!!!
  5. 20 was no different, 16 seemed to have some new text, but it became a black screen before i could read it. im downloading iATKOS v7 to see if i can get leopard to install, then upgrade from there. but if i can, i would like to install SL from the beginning. EDIT: i think thats what ill do. install iATKOS v7 and use one of those 10.5 to 10.6 guides for AMD CPUs to get snow leopard.
  6. so, i got it to install, but it hangs at the gray apple screen. no spinning wheel either. EDIT: -v and cpus=1 and both at once dont help any. when i do -v, i get a bunch of fast loading text, then a black screen that never loads into anything different. what can i do?
  7. hi guys, obviously, im new here, and i need some help. um, lots of this osx86 stuff is very overwhelming, but i think i have some sense of it. i have iATKOS downloading now. ive read that S3 v2 is compatible with AMD processors, so yeah. i have a compaq cq61-420us. it has an AMD athlon II M320 2.1ghz. 3gb ddr2 ram, 250gb hard drive, ati mobility radeon 4200 HD, and the stuff thats important, like the wireless card, i have no clue. heres how i think it should go, from previous experience (dell mini 10v) 1. install iATKOS with proper customizations 2. install chameleon/proper bootloader 3. get kexts worked out. isnt that basically it? im sure ill have horrible problems along the way, but im sure someone has been able to fix it before. is there anything else i need to know before i jump into this? P.S.: im using a spare hard drive for a test run, so i wont be doing my win7 64x dual boot just quite yet... once i get it working nicely there, ill set up the dual boot.
  8. so i managed to dual boot mac and windows. now i need to get all my hardware working. all i know as far as hardware goes is i have a Compaq Presario C551NR Notebook, with a Broadcam Wireless Card, and 1.5G of RAM (maybe...?). other wise, i dont know how to get the names of my hardware. the things i cant get working. wifi usb ports (3 external, 1 internal) bugdom 2 (bought legally, transferred via CD-RW) safari downloads (keeps crashing when download begins) thins that are working (strangely enough) DVD-ROM drive sound buttons (up, down, mute. strange that they were mapped...) Marble Blast Gold Demo plain safari using (still intermittently crashes) i have this dual boot because i own this computer and a powerbook g4. awesome computer... when it was new. i bought bugdom for my bro and sis so they could play, but it wont work on our powerbook. so that asked if i could get it to work. i thought that it would work better on a pc hardware, thus here i am. so i want to get bugdom working for that reason. the wifi so they can play games (duh), the usb so i can do my ipt hacking, and safari downloads for my siblings. so how can i get these things to work? i still have windows vista home basic installed, but with a limited hard drive. partitioned for the dual boot. if you need more hardware specs, then you need to tell me how to get them, then i will post them. if you need a file, just tell me where to get it and i will post it. so any help that can be given would be appreciated. thanks.
  9. Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    im using the ideneb distro of leopard, and when i get to the part where it says to execute "kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions", it will sit for a second, then say "kextcache: /System/Library/Extensions/Caches/com.apple.kext.info.vV2Z - Permission denied" so, whats with that? how do i fix it?