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  1. Does anyone know how to get the surface to boot with no keyboard and be able to choose windows or OSX by touch? and login to OSX without a keyboard? I would really like to use it for OSX with no need for keyboard.
  2. How do I get in on the Touch driver? and how much?
  3. (surfaceosx) My surface (1) boots into clover and from there I can choose Windows or OSX. If the Keyboard is not attached I can't find a way to choose. Is there a way to make clover default to windows if it times out or if the keyboard is not attached?
  4. I have finally gotten pretty much everything working on my (SURFACEPRO) except the pen and touch functions. I am curious about a couple of things related to screen resolution: 1. If you mess up the screen res how do you get it back when you can't see the screen? (Did that once already... don't want to have to reload or copy files over from another copy, besides Win 8.1 is on the other drive now...) 2. Which of the listed creen resolutions actually work with out making your screen go to an unviewable mode?
  5. (surfaceproosx) ( I have made at least 5 other hackintoshes on DELL Latitude notebooks and ASUS or GIGABYTE motherboards) I have successfully gotten OSX Mavericks running on my Surfacepro. It took some trial and error with the usb because it needed to be removed and re-inserted to install or else still waiting for root device hang. The issues I now have is the Audio Device doesn't show up in the System Preferences and no sound. When I press the up or down volume key it shows the little icon but at the bottom is the circle with the slash. I am not really sure how to go about troubleshooting it. System Profiler shows Intel High Definition Audio Audio ID: 3. I know I used kextdrop to add the kexts from the V0.2. I still do not have a usb wifi dongle but one is on the way. Anyone know how to fix this one? I have EFI partition set up just like USB key with kexts in kexts/10.9 and dsdt and ssdt.aml in EFI/clover/acpi/patched config.plist is under clover. Am I supposed to place any of these in my boot drive besides the kexts I moved in with kextdrop? For instance do I need config.plist or the dsdt or ssdt.aml files in Extra? Currently I have only the config.plist in there. This is my first CLOVER installation I am used to chameleon or chimera and am not sure the same directives apply in the config.plist file. Is there something special about the Voodoo kext for this?
  6. (surfaceosx) I have followed this guide to the letter on an original surface pro (updated to 8.1). The USB seems to quit working in the midst of booting. If I remove it and replace it it finishes but is at a command prompt without the keyboard working. Interesting things in the text: "name" not a kext FAKESMC: [Error]Failed to Obtain OEM vendor & product from DMI Super IODevice: {Fatal] found unsupported ship ITE sequence ID=0x8519, Winbond sequence IO=0xffff WaitForCMD: Timeout waiting for command completion (opcoe0xb), 100ms CommandABort: Timeout waiting for command to abort, 100ms Still Waiting for root device ... Any ideas?