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  1. yes I have understood but Plugintype was flagged in config.plist @obus shared here and I have not touched it..hower he could try also to unflag it and see if he is sure SSDT for cpu is loaded fine
  2. If you want try with this config config-2.plist.zip
  3. no, Broadwell EP 2696V4 (x99 motherboard) and retest terminal command to see if there are some differences
  4. yep.. in boot strap and fakeId condition see if FV are loaded and if XCPM is fine..not interested in turboboost for now
  5. no, but I would like to start with a basic config.plist till you solve your problem.. FV are not loaded at all, I do not know why..you have to try (maybe) to repair permission and check inside plist if FV vectors are there after the injection...
  6. hi this is not related.. I was talking as it seemed you have done one about a SSDT create with piker alpha's script CPU related
  7. open your config.plist and in sorted order put the exact name of ssdt you are using in ACPI/patched On x299 platform sometime it is mandatory to have it loaded (I do not know why)
  8. hi @yapan4 and @obus in my opinion ssdt is not loaded and you have to find why. Maybe you could try to add the exact name in sorted order tab inside clover configurator for your config.plist and see But only you can do all this test..if your system start..bootstrap patch is fine
  9. No No SSDT at all, basic EFI, few kext used in EFI/CLOVER/Others no more only trim patch and some rename..
  10. if you have time also take a look at your image I reposted here metal on light blue is not good I think you can't insert there any usb peripheral because back plate metal is on connector this was part of my "mounting problem"
  11. @KGP-iMacPro I am happy you found the source of irresponsive system..and also very happy is not caused from my indication to connect 3rd EATX power connector Also I found the reason of my usb 3.1 problem..it was a combination of cable problem and mounting problem of my back plate...so now I have a full functionality of also those usb connection Very happy of this motherboard , it is more simple to configure respect my old Designare ex motherboard and I have a full working sleep / wake without doing anything of strange things..also it seems I can avoid the use of TSC kext in other I have a minor cosmetic problem because I am using a PCIEx card adapter for my nvme 960 pro, in it I have windows and OSX sees it with an orange icon , if I put it on a M2 connector it is grey as it should be. With old x299 designare ex I have not this "cosmetic" problem.
  12. All 4 back panel USB3.0 are working well for me also..I have no working USB3.1 type a and C if TB card is inserted in slot 2 I have no working motherboard USB3.1 Gen1 type a and C I(left ethernet rj connector placed) Without TB card they are fine...Maybe Titan Ridge card has a better management..I don't know for now thank you for your confirmation
  13. This is system of mine. sorry for dust and cable management Slot 1 empty, in 2 ThunderboltEx 3 and in slot 3 my GFX OT Your Titan Ridge could work in different slot? have you installed in this rig? I am asking because I have a strange a not well documented " feature" using tb in that mandatory slot for Asus card
  14. Hi @KGP-iMacPro i am sorry for that but it is very weird this behaviour in your system and if you have some spare time you should have to investigate it many Asus motherboard have those spare connector in different form (molex,Eatx) and asus advice to connect them i have connected with a simple gfx pciex connector as one i use for my gfx (6 pin connector) i have no done any test without it In photo you can see a WS x299 Sage (no 10G) of a friend of mine he uses to full fill all pciex slot with different things happy holidays to you and all people here
  15. @yapan4 you have misunderstood msr0xe2 part in bios you have to set it ti disable so you can pass OS X hang