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  1. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    @nmano we have different motherboard put your clover working EFi here , I will try to create a workingconfig.plist with a Asus Sage is pretty simple
  2. @TimeLord04 you can patch/ unlock any 10.13.6 web drivers released to work with all 10.13.6 OSX version. Searching on this forum it is possible to find the way to do it
  3. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    search in config prev-lang:kbd and put there right value if you use string value it is en:0 if you use data value you have to convert in that format for your info here you can convert value on line: https://codebeautify.org/string-hex-converter
  4. ei @iCanaro @fantomas miss your name in OP!
  5. fabiosun

    macOS Catalina 10.15 is out !!!

    Balamut it is the same... think also new Mac Pro will have "only" 28 cores (56 threads) so Apple does no need to modify deeply this :-(
  6. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    @telepati they changed its position from 0.01 to 0.02...then was applied what @vandroiy2012 said to you i think
  7. @brerackl do you Know no support for your RTX GFX? I mean no driver for it...
  8. start from that link..you will find many answer to your problems or follow @obus or @yapan4 here
  9. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    sorry @Andrey1970 I do not understand well I explain better usually with arrow keys of my keyboard I stop timeout countdown for automatic booting on preferred selection. now arrows do nothing, in my case also Hotkeys are not working cmd opt +p+r and so on... Not important for me but I have this behaviour
  10. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    Thank you with this driver system starts fine with PollAppleHotKey enabled pressing numeric as 2 or 5 or similar I have in my boot menu Not working hot keys and also arrows (up/down left/right)
  11. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    @Andrey1970 I have an X299 system @Download-Fritz Usually I boot typing 5 in High Sierra or typing 2 to boot windows I have two disk with 2 different OC EFI (one on 0.04 other one with 0.05. In bios I have 0.0.5 disk as booting disk
  12. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi @devs I have this problem with new 0.05 feature PollAppleHotKey with my system in signature, if I set it to true my system hangs in boot menu as you can see in my picture (I can't select anything else of ctrl/alt/del to reboot after error message) setting it to false system starts fine as usual I have same problem using or not UsbKbDxe.efi driver and AllowNvramReset to to true or to false Any help? Thank you
  13. in bios have you put SL0 in TB bios option? Have you attached a monitor on it? could you see in windows list of all your GPU if there you see same exclamation warning point? Could you put an IOREG with card connected?
  14. For Hotplug is mandatory to have a correct ssdt But his problem is different He should check in windows if its card is working well
  15. hi @obus those Yes on PCI tab are pretty cosmetics stuff you can write in it what you want via ssdt click on thunderbolt tab on the left side you should see there also "no driver loaded" but your Tb works fine I do not know with your kind of motherboard but with designare ex there was an IRQ problem with 2 internal gfx an 1 external in a tb box