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  1. Fresh install from Big Sur application app in Proxmox on my AMD 3970x First two installations steps done with Penryn Cpu in my vm config Latest step done with Cpu set to host as usual to reach a minimal dual display viewing with my Nvidia I am trying to install unlocked Nvidia drivers..but for now not possible to write in system volume>
  2. @Balamut _ml_init_max_cpus: is not present in this kernel.... maybe now is it possible to have more than 64 cores? Or Apple changed its name for cores limit...
  3. installed on Proxmox/trx40 for now it is not booting Opencore sees a preboot disk and a recovery disk, then kp from it Clover sees macOS 11 disk but it hangs on end seed step
  4. new drivers available: 387. https://images.nvidia.com/mac/pkg/387/WebDriver-387.
  5. 10.13.6 (17G13035) updated and patched old driver all is fine as usual
  6. fabiosun

    RELEASE 10.5.5 is online....

    opencore 0.5.9
  7. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    in my case using a Proxmox ISO installation is mandatory to have a full working OSX on TRX40 chip..but from this I can use happily all OS I want to use: In this case Catalina and HighSierra are separated passed OSX disk (via passthrough) Windows OS is a VM file disk
  8. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi, I am using latest Opencore 0.59 debug commit on my rig in signature with Proxmox/HighSierra I have some problems related to internal audio (TRX40 Realtek USB 2.0 audio), sometimes it is scratchy , sometimes it misses sync. Instead Nvidia DP audio is perfect I would like to understand if it could be related to this debug lines and if there is a way to debug better this problem (I set on bold type to better evidence ) 00:000 00:000 OC: OpenCore DBG-059-2020-05-17 is loading in Optional mode (0/0)... 00:002 00:002 OC: Boot timestamp - 2020.05.17 07:21:19 00:006 00:003 OCCPU: MP services threads 64 (enabled 64) - Success 00:008 00:002 OCCPU: MP services Pkg 1 Cores 64 Threads 1 - Success 00:011 00:002 OCCPU: Found AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 32-Core Processor 00:014 00:002 OCCPU: Signature 830F10 Stepping 0 Model 31 Family F Type 0 ExtModel 3 ExtFamily 8 uCode 0 00:017 00:002 OCCPU: Hypervisor detected 00:020 00:002 OCCPU: VMWare TSC: 3699993000Hz, 3699MHz; FSB: 1000000000Hz, 1000MHz; BusRatio: 3 00:022 00:002 OCCPU: Detected Apple Processor Type: 02 -> 0605 00:025 00:002 OCCPU: EIST CFG Lock 0 00:028 00:002 OCCPU: CPUFrequencyFromTSC 0Hz 0MHz 00:031 00:002 OCCPU: CPUFrequency 3699993000Hz 3699MHz 00:033 00:002 OCCPU: FSBFrequency 1000000000Hz 1000MHz 00:036 00:002 OCCPU: Pkg 1 Cores 64 Threads 64 I would like also say that Internal audio in a Proxmox/windows environment is perfect. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give
  9. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    Standard opencore icon you can find in Resource folder
  10. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    Opencore 0.57 in a Proxmox/OSX Catalina environment.
  11. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    @Allubz 64 cores (32c/32t) is the limit in kernel for all Osx system by now. 3970x is working perfectly with proxmox ve with opencore i have also a faster boot tested in my rig (see my signature)
  12. hardware in signature opencore / clover boot loader used in this video
  13. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    I hope not too much off topic here My system rig in signature starts fine with a VM created in proxmox Nvme (untitled) and archive disks are passed drive via Nvme and sata passthrough HighSierra is a qemu vmdisk for now All of this have orange icon like external disk Flagging ExternalDiskIcons option in Opencore 0.57 release helps to avoid this problem in sata disk and on qemu disk No in nvme drive maybe I miss something? thank you in advance
  14. fabiosun

    [Release] macOS 10.15.4 is out!

    Do you know other ways to have a dual monitor and audio dp/hdmi without nvidia web drivers?