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  1. important parameters for XCPM are set to 1 so it is good now you can try to test your system and refine your config plist and kext according to it
  2. are you using now this config? If so Are you using Nvidia web driver? then take a look at attached pictures of your config.plist you can decide in clover bootmenu to enable or disable things before booting and with some patience and some tries you find which are mandatory parameters for your rig I will always start during this steps with -v option to see if system hangs where it stops IE you can try to enable npci=0x2000 and disable fakecpuid and see Combinations are multiple but there only you could test Then If I see where you were started from a bad ++++++++++ KP Now you have a booting system..and maybe first Xeon w mackintosh running
  3. Hi In my opinion with a Xeon Cpu some things are different also for sleep/wake related issue and maybe he can not have the same problem people have with X cpu series also I don't know if for him is useful or not tscsynch kext Regarding XCPM other useful marker is frequency vector count so you can try to run from terminal this command and see all data like this one sysctl machdep.xcpm fabios-iMac-Pro:~ fabio$ sysctl machdep.xcpm machdep.xcpm.mode: 1 machdep.xcpm.hard_plimit_max_100mhz_ratio: 37 machdep.xcpm.hard_plimit_min_100mhz_ratio: 8 machdep.xcpm.soft_plimit_max_100mhz_ratio: 37 machdep.xcpm.soft_plimit_min_100mhz_ratio: 8 machdep.xcpm.tuib_plimit_max_100mhz_ratio: 37 machdep.xcpm.tuib_plimit_min_100mhz_ratio: 8 machdep.xcpm.tuib_enabled: 0 machdep.xcpm.power_source: 0 machdep.xcpm.bootplim: 0 machdep.xcpm.bootpst: 37 machdep.xcpm.tuib_ns: 0 machdep.xcpm.vectors_loaded_count: 1 machdep.xcpm.ratio_change_ratelimit_ns: 500000 machdep.xcpm.ratio_changes_total: 79873 machdep.xcpm.maxbusdelay: 0 machdep.xcpm.maxintdelay: 0 machdep.xcpm.mbd_mode: 1 machdep.xcpm.mbd_applications: 0 machdep.xcpm.mbd_relaxations: 0 machdep.xcpm.forced_idle_ratio: 100 machdep.xcpm.forced_idle_period: 30000000 machdep.xcpm.deep_idle_log: 0 machdep.xcpm.qos_txfr: 1 machdep.xcpm.deep_idle_count: 0 machdep.xcpm.deep_idle_last_stats: n/a machdep.xcpm.deep_idle_total_stats: n/a machdep.xcpm.cpu_thermal_level: 0 machdep.xcpm.gpu_thermal_level: 0 machdep.xcpm.io_thermal_level: 0 machdep.xcpm.io_control_engages: 0 machdep.xcpm.io_control_disengages: 1 machdep.xcpm.io_filtered_reads: 0 machdep.xcpm.io_cst_control_enabled: 0 machdep.xcpm.ring_boost_enabled: 0 machdep.xcpm.io_epp_boost_enabled: 0 machdep.xcpm.epp_override: 0 fabios-iMac-Pro:~ fabio$ but for Xeon is always a different story because IE in my case with all parameters set to 1 or to 0 I have same behavior and performance and stability
  4. no lag driver 161 no DP audio (reverting to 10.13.3 applehda.kext for now)
  5. @joedm ru could you post an example or a task which creates some problems when msr0xE2 is locked? From latest clover I do not have anymore need to patch msr because all is simply working fine If I patchbios I can "program" msr to have some demotion and undemotion state but it is no relevant for a correct working or performance or c/p states output Xeon is a bit different from extreme or X cpu for your infos I have patched many "unpatchable x299 firmware" in other thread here but I think is not mandatory to do in these days
  6. @obus in my opinion performance is fine and you should leave EIST enabled because performance is pretty the same and you have a better states use with it you should also search for spec in AVX load for all your cores and cpu and if under load they stay to they maximum My cpu (x99 Xeon 22 cores / 44 threads) has a base clock of 2.2 Ghz a turbo clock for all cores/thread of 2.8Ghz and a turbo core for 2 core/thread of 3.7 Ghz You have to find your AVX maximum and test it with some software like cinebench15 or rendering program but I am confident your system is fine Maybe you should find a way to not use Broadwell EP fakecpuid because your CPU should be supported vanilla by osx 10.13.3 but there you have to do some test by yourself I repeat my self..your cpu is a Xeon and is different...follow your guide and stay simple as you can you should also try to set with clover configurator plugintype (check this) and see if your system starts Also I don't know if also new xeon freeze using appleintelinfo.kext by piker alpha.. Unlocking bios is not useful for performance at all... Trust me
  7. from your IPG graph turbo mode for all cores/thread seems to be about 3.2 Ghz base freq 2.5 Ghz turbo for single core 4.3 Ghz if so your result are good if you want to try disable only EIST in bios and post again result and IPG graph
  8. thank you max frequency for all cores in turbo mode is (for your xeon)? Have you EIST and SpeedShift enabled in bios?
  9. if you have installed Nvidia web driver try this config in clover bootmenu press F11 (clear nvram) then try to boot that loop error is very old error and was solved with latest clover and lilu/nvidiagraphicsfixup kext config.plist
  10. could you post cinebench 15 cpu test and relative Intel power graphics gadget during your test? I think we also should refine better your EFI Maybe you can avoid some things My advice is to stay with original bios till you are sure all is working perfectly
  11. HWSensors3

    Hi @Cyberdevs Nvme reading will be a part of future upgrade from @vector sigma
  12. HWSensors3

    I have updated my ESP personalizing option in pkg installation checked fakesmc and other kext useful for my rig All went fine
  13. Your monitor is connected to Nvidia or to internal VGA? You should have a jumper to disconnect onboard vga or maybe it is disconnected automatically when other gfx is connected?
  14. Yes I update as usual via appstore Using Aptiomemory R15 or 16 without problem