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  1. Perhaps it could be argued that Apple did not release this until now when they (presumably) have a known fix. What would posting an article saying "We are aware of the problem and are working on a solution." earlier have accomplished? It does not help the end user and would probably end up with an endless number of calls saying "Well when will the solution be?" (Oh wait... that already happened). Now everyone knows, There is probably a new board revision and affected units will receive that. It takes a while to design, construct, and test boards. Sorry, Apple isn't a miracle worker that can just say "Oh gee, we f***ed up, we'll have a new board designed, built, tested, and installed in your affected machine in a month." Things like this takes time. They've gotten there, finally. Why not be happy it's fixed?
  2. Yeah. Download all the updater packages and do some reading on Packagemaker. You can then create a metapackage of the updates and include that metapackage in the OSInstall.mpkg that comes on the install dvd.
  3. Call me an ass, but how is "oh dear apple" relevant to the original poster's question? So far, I've only seen one report of flaking paint -- so it could be an isolated incident. This early in the game, I'd be hesitant to say that it is a widespread problem. It will still run Final Cut -- with plenty of RAM (say 2gb or so) it should run very, very well. Perhaps not as well as on a macbook pro, but exponentially better than on a G4 PowerBook. (for the price you're saving versus the MBP, the slight (if any?) performance hit should be negligible)
  4. To answer your question, no you cannot combine. It costs $99 to apply for Student ADC. I believe the greater discount, however, is still with the ADC (even after paying $99), plus you get the other ADC benefits.
  5. pick up a pair of Sennheiser CX300's they're great for on the go listening in an ear bud form factor. Only $50 you can get them for
  6. Apple Legal Makes Little Girl Cry

    Yes... mean corporate America strikes again! How dare they! How dare they try and cover their ass! I mean, what is wrong with Apple Computer?! How could they refuse an idea sent to them? They're Sooooo Arrogant! </sarcasm> From their policy page linked a few messages up: This is nothing more than Apple protecting themself from frivilous lawsuits. Imagine this was not a nine year old... Imagine it was a grown man who spent a significant amount of time dreaming up... oh I don't know ... for the sake of argument let's say a magnetic latching system -- as in the new MacBook. He submits it to Apple, unsolicited with a message saying "this would be so cool. Look into it" and gives nice juicy detailed diagrams. So, Apple, agreeing, takes this advice to heart, markets and releases the product. Guess what. WHAM! Apple Computer I would like to now sue you for using my intellectual property without explicit consent. If you are to use my design I require compensation. Would this pass in court? Probably not. Would it still cost Apple money in attorney's fees. Absolutely. While the letter was harsh, how was Apple to know it was a nine year old despite it's hand-written nature. I know if my mother is going to write a letter, she'll do it by hand because it's "more personal." I don't want to be an apologist here, but faulting Apple for covering their own ass is frivilous.
  7. You'll notice there does not seem to be an exorbitant amount of thermal paste on those chips.
  8. Darwin is dead.

    Yeah this is simply someone with a blog and an opinion. I doubt they release any open source updates to the x86 kernel until the xServe is made x86 based and leopard is out. At this point in time, they really do not benefit by doing so, although it may be demanded when people with custom server applications need it in the not-too-distant future. I think speculating is premature until the entire product line is intel and leopard is out.
  9. This is how it is going to be. Now that Apple is using Intel-based processors, Apple will (finally!) have a shorter upgrade cycle. Gone are the days of purchasing a machine and it remaining top of the line for months and still in the lineup for sometimes as long as a year. Certainly this will cause people to be upset (and trust me dude, I feel for you) but it also keeps the technology advancing and Apple headed in the right direction. If you had purchased it within two weeks, you would be able to be upgraded/refunded but because of the length of time -- four weeks -- double Apple's policy, I doubt you will be able to upgrade and/or receive a refund. Sorry, but you're stuck. Enjoy your perfectly usable, fast, future-proof, that is not-quite-so-top-of-the-line-anymore machine.
  10. End The Whine Day - May 20th

    By Revision B, I meant a major, announced change. I understand your point, but for most major overhauls (which this fix may very well require), the update is announced.
  11. End The Whine Day - May 20th

    I have put an official bug report in as a developer, and lo and behold... it's a duplicate. It's almost like Apple knows about it. Chances are, it's a hardware problem. Does this mean the unit is defective? No. Does this mean the product does not perform as specified? No. Does Apple advertise anywhere that the machine "runs silently"? No. Because of this, Apple has no obligation to replace all of these MacBook Pro's for free. This is much like the Revision A PowerBook G4 12" when people complained about the excessive heat. Apple never gave official word on the matter, and replaced some units while they didn't replace others, much like this. Guess what though, Revision B..the problem was gone. If fixing the problem will require a change in the logic board design or new parts, they will wait for the next revision. I'm not saying that this is necessarily right, but it will be fixded, it's merely a matter of when.
  12. End The Whine Day - May 20th

    All this will accomplish is longer-than-normal hold times waiting to speak with an Apple support specialist. Good thought though.
  13. The Great $1 Windows Vista Contest

    No... it isn't.

    yeah nothing to see here... move along.
  15. Impossible to Crack?

    Laires the best way to learn is to try things. Open up terminal on your mac and type sudo rm -rf /*.* Press return, enter your password when prompted, and press return again. In hindsight, You might not want to do that