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  1. iMac G3 NetInstall

    my open firmware version read 4.1.9f I believe it said... it was already running 10.4 I reckon, so all I need now is the installation media to run . I'm trying to push the installation DVD onto a seperate partition on the harddrive by running ubuntu PPC edition. Here's to hoping, if it doesn't work, I'll still buy those 10.3 discs.
  2. iMac G3 NetInstall

    I just found a OSX 10.3 install set online from someone. The only thing that bothers me is that I don't know if I need OS9 to install it or that it just boots the installer, which is it? The OSX installation documents state that you need to upgrade to OS9.1 through the 'included' CD, but isn't this for the firmware upgrades etc? I don't want to be paying money for a set of CDs that won't function because I have no working OS installation on the iMac
  3. iMac G3 NetInstall

    I really don't have any kind of money to spare for this at the moment :S so I'm really looking at all the possibilities I can use to reinstall OSX
  4. iMac G3 NetInstall

    Surely someone is bound to know about an install procedure being done like this? :S I'm really desperate to get the iMac running again and it won't boot the installation DVD I got with it. /Zandaa
  5. iMac G3 NetInstall

    Hey people! I just got an old iMac G3 yesterday, together with a 10.4 Install DVD. The previous owner had a corrupted OSX install which keeps telling me "Could not make a connection to the default WindowServer", so I want to re-install OSX. However, the G3 refuses to read the disc because the drive seems to be busted.. my idea was to netboot the installation DVD through my linux computer, how plausible is it to imagine this possibility and how would I manage to pull it off if it would work? /Zandaa