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  1. A Most Bizarre Wireless Problem

    Just a bump, hoping for some insight!
  2. So I have a HP Mini 1030nr. All features are currently working under 10.6.1 amazingly well with one annoying exception! Wireless works in that I can join any desired network and browse the web , transfer files on a local network, even bonjour works. BUT - Any wireless scanning tool fails to see any networks. I would really like to be able to use iStumbler or kismac to aid in setting up wireless clouds for my clients. It used to work on 10.5.7, but after my SL upgrade I seem to have lost this abillity. Any ideas what might cause this? Is there any additional info I can provide to help diagnose this issue? Many thanks in advance!!
  3. Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail on HP Mini 1000

    Guys have any more luck getting sleep working?
  4. I don't mean to be dense, But I don't understand how to resolve this. Could you please explain what I can do going forward to remove that from auto-mounting? Many thanks.
  5. I am still getting the EFI partition auto-mounted. I downloaded the updated macloader you posted, and re-ran steps 3 and 4. Then I went into the newly created com.apple.Boot.plist and re-added my efi string for video and set the kernel to 64 bit. I still however am seeing the EFI partition on the desktop, am I missing something here?
  6. Control Nvidia card fan speeds?

    I am also having a related issue. I am using SL and a 9800gt.. I am only using an efi string in my com.apple.Boot.plist for graphics functionality. For me, the system boots with the gpu fan very quiet. But as soon as I load a game, or for example glextensionsviewer, the fans go to 100% and never lowers. Meaning, even after I have closed the application that was stressing the gpu, the fan never slows down. Any ideas a fix for this? edit: thought of something. My card is the new zotac eco 9800 gt. Could my problem be that the card is being overclocked by using a efi string for a real 9800 gt, and not to proper specs of this card?
  7. Thank you for this awesome guide. I'm now running my new hack with SL and everything appears to be working perfectly. I am however having trouble with the final step; The step to hide the EFI Partition. I have followed the directions exactly, but the EFI Partition is still visible on the desktop. The only way I deviated, is I deleted the macloader_sl folder before I got to this step, so I pulled the uuid from the disk utility, can anyone offer advice on how to resolve this? TIA
  8. Do I need a different dsdt.aml for snow leopard than the one in this thread? I'm trying to do a vanilla install from another guide on these forums and wanted to know if this one could be included with that.
  9. you guys should check out phoronix test suite for all your benchmarking needs. Phoronix
  10. Hello, I am placing all of my post install software issues into this thread. I am having the following issues and would appreciate any insight! Youtube videos play as if they were in fast forward. iCal crashes as soon as it is opened
  11. I am also having issues viewing youtube videos. They play as if they are in fast forward. I have tried updating flash, but that did not fix it.
  12. Sure, I can elaborate. First I am working with an iDeneb 1.5.1 iso. I restored that image to an 8gb thumb drive, and installed pc-efi from osx86tools. Once booted into the installer I tried to keep amount of fixes and drivers I selected to a minimum. -voodoo kernel - chameleon v2 - seatbelt fix - firewire remove (I got KP's unless this was selected, ymmv) - mouse lag fix (I'm unclear if this did anything, my lag issues were still present, see below) - only drivers I selected were AppleATIATA under chipset and AppleYukon2 under network These options allowed to install and then reboot into OS X. I have on-board video disabled in bios so I can't speak on that. I also used native ide mode for my drives. I gave up on the on-board sound. I followed many how-to's on this site and others and always end up with horrific sounding audio. I ordered a usb sound card last night. Getting that sound card to work for me has proven to be the hardest IT related task I have ever attempted in my 8 years in the field. A $7 usb sound card seems like a much less stressful approach for me. Myabe I'll revisit it when my blood pressure lowers. As far as the mouse goes, I had been using netkas' method for installing drivers for the gt200 series cards. For my application, the lag seemed to be caused not by the drivers, but when I enabled quarts GL from osx86tools. Then miraculously while assaulting my computer with different AppleHDA kexts, the lag disappeared. I really wish I knew what fixed it, because I'm working on an old hard drive, and when all the kinks are worked out will have to reinstall on my main hard drives. If I can narrow it down, I will update this thread. I am still having issues, ical will not load, and itunes locks up when attempting to sync my iphone. I ran a prime95 stability test over night and that also failed. I'm debating if in the end this will work for me or if I will be going back to Linux. I don't like the stability and inability to monitor temperatures ( I have a pretty hefty overclock at 3.8Ghz)
  13. GeForce 200 series support

    I followed these steps only doing the injector, and then manually installing the 3 packages I found using pacifist. My gtx 295 is now showing up in system profiler, gl ext viewer tests all pass, my display shows up correctly, BUT my mouse is jumpy and laggy, is this normal behavior? Any solutions available? update: I did a fresh install due to other issues, but I noticed that I only get the laggy / jumpy mouse if I enable quartz gl from osx86tools. I'll just have to do without until someone smarter posts how to resolve this.
  14. Posting this update from inside my hackintosh. Most everything is installed and working, with the exception of sound and my laggy mouse (installed drivers for my gtx 295)
  15. Fully working audio for Realtek ALC885

    I get extremely choppy sound with this on my dk 790gx-m2rs, I guess I'll make my own codec dump in linux and try that, thanks for the lead though!