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  1. Hi, im in Mountain Lion GM and after install this drivers AppleGraphicsControl.kext AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext AppleIntelHD4000Graphics.kext AppleIntelHD4000GraphicsGA.plugin AppleIntelHD4000GraphicsGLDriver.bundle AppleIntelHD4000GraphicsVADriver.bundle AppleIntelIVBVA.bundle IOAcceleratorFamily.kext IOUSBAttachedSCSI.kext GeForce.kext GeForceGLDriver.bundle GeForceVADriver.bundle NVDAGK100Hal.kext NVDANV40HalG7xxx.kext NVDANV50Hal.kext NVDAResman.kext NVDAResmanG7xxx.kext NVSMU.kext I got panic kernel. I think it could be because im trying to install a GTX 670 but im running in my old gts250 because i dont want to crash the card with all the reboots. Pls Help me. Rgds.
  2. Hi, may you explain to me how to do this? I mean install the IATKOS 10.7 L2M in the same drive than rhe 10.6 without lose my programs and files.
  3. Problem with Vram capacity

    Hi i have a GMA950 Chipset with 256 Mb of Vram memory but the system says i have only 64MB y my motherboard 945GCT-M i have the kext. for the chipset and the dsdt pach nut it still saying 64 mb. And whem i start to use teamviewer and when i move fast the jdownloader the system colapse.. and need to restart
  4. X-Plane 9 Cider?

    No men the version of X-plane that i downloaded is for windows thinking that is for Mac but the installer is .exe and mac doesn´t run that. If you trying to tell me the same dvd for windows is for mac please tell me how to install it in mac because the only installer i saw is the .exe.. I have the demo version and i trying to add the Global scenery folder inside the demo but doesn´t work. And the aircraft´s panels is only in 2D.. If you know the solution please tell me.
  5. X-Plane 9 Cider?

    Somebody help me ti run X-Plane 9 with cider please.
  6. [HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

    Hi do you could do a guide to x-plane 9 please..
  7. Hi want to install the vanilla kernel and pc_efi whit a celeron 420 conroe L. How i could do this?
  8. Hi i could install vanilla kernel and pc_efi in a intel celeron conreo L 420 LGA 775 1.6GHZ single core?
  9. No audio

    Jesus Christ i´m trying to fix my audio problem i heva made 3 post on this website and no body answer 1 in english and 2 in spanish.. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEEEEEEE somebody could help me? I have a Intel Celeron D with a 945GCL-M Chipset, and SigmaTel High Definition Audio card. I tried with the OSx86 utility but the audio doesn´t work. I download the ALC888, ALC883, ALC886 and AC97Audio and installed with the kext helper b7 and the same OSX86 tool but the audio dosen´t responde.. My desktop is a Gate with Gate speakers but in preference/sound/input don´t appaer nothing. I´m new in this thing and i don´t know to mush... PLEAAAAAASE someone could explain to me with detail HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM?. I have itunes 8.2.0 and when i play a music it doesn�t play EDIT: i installed the AzaliaAudio.pkg and appaer more option in about my mac but the audio doesn�t work. Sonido Intel de alta definici�n: ID del dispositivo: 0x10192950 ID de audio: 888 Dispositivos disponibles: Micr�fono: Conexi�n: Interno Micr�fono: Conexi�n: Conector de 1/8 pulgada Entrada de l�nea: Conexi�n: Conector de 1/8 pulgada Auriculares: Conexi�n: Conector de 1/8 pulgada Altavoz: Conexi�n: Conector de 1/8 pulgada Salida de l�nea: Conexi�n: Conector de 1/8 pulgada Salida de l�nea: Conexi�n: Conector de 1/8 pulgada Salida de l�nea: Conexi�n: Conector de 1/8 pulgada Salida S/P-DIF: Conexi�n: Combinado Entrada S/P-DIF: Conexi�n: Combinado WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I DID IT
  10. I need drivers

    Hi i need the drivers to a intel Celeron L 945GCT-M i don´t have all the information of my cumputer but i use a IPC leopard 10.5.6. TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S203D: Revisión del firmware: SB00 Interconexión: ATAPI Soporte de grabación: Sí (compatibilidad con unidades genéricas) Ruta del perfil: Ninguno Caché: 2048 KB Leer DVD: Sí Grabar CD: -R, -RW Grabar DVD: -R, -R DL, -RAM, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW Estrategias de escritura: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO Soporte: Introduzca el disco y actualice la pantalla para ver las velocidades de grabación disponibles Intel GMA 950: Modelo de chipset: GMA 950 Tipo: Pantalla Bus: Integrado VRAM (total): 64 MB de memoria de sistema compartida Fabricante: Intel (0x8086) ID del dispositivo: 0x2772 ID de la revisión: 0x0002 Pantallas: Pantalla: Resolución: 1024 x 768 Profundidad: Color de 32 bits Core Image: Acelerado por hardware Pantalla principal: Sí Duplicado: Desactivado En línea: Sí Quartz Extreme: Compatible BANK0/DIMM0: Tamaño: 512 MB Tipo: SDRAM Velocidad: 0 MHz Estado: Correcto Fabricante: Manufacturer0 Número de pieza: PartNum0 Número de serie: SerNum0 BANK2/DIMM2: Tamaño: 1 GB Tipo: SDRAM Velocidad: 0 MHz Estado: Correcto Fabricante: Manufacturer2 Número de pieza: PartNum2 Número de serie: SerNum2 Bus Serial-ATA: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S203D: Modelo: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S203D Revisión: SB00 Número de serie: Unidad extraíble: No Protocolo: atapi Número de la unidad: 1 Tipo de conector: Serial-ATA Apagar: No Notificación de asincronización: No Bus USB: Ubicación del controlador de servidor: USB incorporado Driver del controlador de servidor: AppleUSBUHCI ID del dispositivo PCI: 0x27c8 ID de la revisión de PCI: 0x0001 ID del fabricante de PCI: 0x8086 Número de bus: 0x1d