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  1. I got a working install of Mountain lion with my ivy bridge on an Asus p8h61-mx mobo using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] with app store ML installer. how ever i cant boot with out using -x safe boot command on the chimera boot loader. With out that command i have no access to my USB Mouse and keyboard, even though they Appear and i can move the mouse, i cannot click on anything or type its a 1155 socket mother board would i need legacy drivers?. Also how do i implement the HD 4000 drivers with in the 10.8.2 update with chimera? ive been trying and failing all day i think i need some guidance now What i want to accomplish is: Get my Intel HD 4000 working. Get Booting in normal mode with usb's working with out -x command. Thank you to anyone who can brighten my evening
  2. Addon NWU281 wifi usb card

    Hey has any one managed to get this card working? i cant find any kexts or posts when i search it on the forum so any help will be hot also i contacted addon asking if they have intel mac drivers for 10.5.6 i would realy like to get this nifty card working 300mb ps connection would be loverly on a mac if not can some one recomend me a very cheap usb card that will work cheers x

    Ok so i recently reinstalled ipc 10.5.6 phenom ii x4 840 processor Nforce 630a chipset. now it recognises my Graphics card as having 256mb of vram it dosnt tell me what card it is or what kext is loaded its a geforce 7025 btw. now when i install an efi string for this card or a kext my computer fails to boot it freezes on the apple logo. also it says when i try install logic that i have less than 64mb of vram and that quadro extreme isnt supported. and yes i know before people say it i realy would like to upgrade to snow leopard then i could use my gts450 but i had enough trouble getting my nforce chipset to work as well as eventualy finding out you have to use the boot flag busratio=20 to get my phenom ii x 4 processor to work. any ways if anyone has had this problem with using efi strings or kextsand have a solution please help me out i have looked at every forum now and not found a solution thanks (also if there is a simple way to get snow leopard working with my chipset that would be cool to)
  4. ok first things first i was hoping some one could clear up some stuff about graphics cards and maybe help me with a couple of mine. i have an asus en9500gt 1gb ddr2 Nvidia based geforce 9500gt gpu, now i dont realy understand graphics cards to much seeing as its uses the geforce chip but im having trouble getting it working even though ive used the kexts / certain installers for this gpu but they seem to muck up my install making it impossible to boot which confuses me cause its an nvidia geforce chip. now second if it impossible to install this graphics card which some one on another forum who was probably talking from the rear told me it would work i have a geforce 7025 in my comp as well i have to qustions about this 1. is it possible to get quarts extreme on / how i dont realy understand efi threads the profile manager recognizes this chip as a 256mb of vram gpu but not sure if i can get it working properly 2. would it be possible to some how make it so i dont have to modify my bios when switching backwards and fowards from my asus to tthe 7025 cause i dont want my asus to get broken from not being compatible and overheating or somthing if this is possible would be great if some one would be kind enough to clear this stuff up ive been trolling the forums for wild goose chases and people who dont know what there talking about for a while and any help would be brilliant thank you peace out
  5. Nforce and Amd mayhem

    The lights at the end of the tunnel but its still out of reach. after months of wishing i could have osx on my comp ive done it on the must unwilling mobo ever, msi gf615-p33 v1.3 with nforce 630a chipset and amd athalon x2. i went through distro after distro ended up using ipc 10.5.6 finalized, with the ppf patchs theres five you need to patch the dvd with if you google ipc ppf patch and ppf-o-matic3 to intitialize the patch yo can find them these patches help you recognize sata hardware as well as other stuff on nforce and other chip sets. any ways to the point im having a bit of trouble which i was expecting this mother board realy is grouchy when it comes to having osx86 installed and please no flamming me with "buy a new mobo {censored}" or anything else annoying and self oppinuated im not rich i cant afford another mother board any ways its installed and as soon as i boot into the os after install it gives me the apple i dont like it symbol (/) and that annoyinh applenforceata {censored} any ways if any one can tell me a kext i can install from out side the os and how to do so would be awesome ive been googling for 4 hours, and this forum some times seems to dis-organised for me seeing as i have dyspraxia and have trouble with organization cheers dudes
  6. just enabled raid deleted my partition table was a {censored} to get back my windows, tried kalyway diddnt work considering just building a new cheap machine use ide, thanks for your help my man
  7. yeah tryed googleing it berfore asking here unfortunatly my bios wont let me enable ahci mode for my sata hdd and dvd drive... i apreciate you helping btw tis always nice to have a little assistance when your having trouble . you know of any sata patches for distros ?
  8. Lol yeah no offense but if your saying that i think ever branded piece of hardware should come with that big red sticker, and not to slight you but your being a bit harsh on macs when id say windows is more coruptable and more likley to F up than osx.... i do hate ipads and iphones though and it is commond sense to backup data for everything in more than one place, have you recently had a tradgedy with a peice of apples equip thats made you a bit biased by any chance? i think they should bring back amigas i never had any probs with them take it easy my man dont let the technology fail get to ya
  9. ok my man rig info: mobo : msi gf615m-p33 Nforce 630a chip set with built in geforce 7025 vga processor : amd athalon x2 2.90 ghz dual core supports, sse, sse2 and sse3 ram 2gb gfx card: asus en9500gt 1gb vram 800mhz clock speed hard drive: 320 gb sata dvd drive : sata 22x dvd-ram / dvd+rw / dvd-rw / cdr realtek alc 888 sound card heres an atached pic of the read out from -V in -x mode tisnt the best picture but is legible cheers man
  10. Hey just got a new comp after getting annoyed at the crappy hardware on my laptop, but now im having troubles getting this ideneb 1.6/ kalyway dvd working they both refuse to load ideneb goes a bit futher than the kalyway dvd before it gives me the grey apple screen with a stop sign but i was wondering if some one could personaly help me as ive scrolled through pages and pages of this forum trying to find a solution just to find blank and empty thread. i think the problem either resides either in my chipset which is an Nforce 630a or in the fact that im only using sata connections. the error message im getting on start up isnt amazingly usefull but when it trys to load the appleNforceata it says found 0 still waiting for root device any help here would be hot you loverly peeps cheer
  11. GMA X4500

    lowering the resoulution helps me see the distorted letters better but dosnt fix the tainted blue screen or square mouse glitch. it has an external display adaptor but dosnt look like the standard VGA, and i dont have the conector to connect it to anything to test it. yeah theres a shed load of diffrent resolutions from 640x to my native which is 1440x900, im running 10.5.6 leopard in 32 bit, even though my comps capable of running 64bit. (update) found out it has a DVI port not a VGA (update 2 took a photo of the screen to show whats wrong hope it helps more http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll36/cj...ey/SAM_0379.jpg )
  12. GMA X4500

    well i was under the impresion that the gl40 chipset uses a gma x4500 gpu. unfortunatly im not excactly sure seeing as im finding it almost imposible to get a proper digonostic of what graphics cards in my laptop i can only go by what ive read... AND! seeing as it gives me my native resolution of 1400x900 and aclaims it to be working with 144mb vram and the only things that are realy wrong with it is a mouse glitch and a slight colour degrevation that isnt to pleasing to the eye, it still works so i presume it is the right one other wise the driver wouldnt do anything to my comp... would it?
  13. GMA X4500

    Hey the patch worked to get native resolution but i have a problem with the screen being a very horrible taint of blue, and my mouse is a massive square any help with this fault would be awesome. laptop model (advent 6552) Integrated Intel GL40 Express Chipset Family (gma x4500) - actual hardware resoultion 1400x900 displays graphics card as x3500 apart from these and the fact my screen now looks like a faulty amiga 500 it works pllleeease help you guys rock btw
  14. No luck , i think its the osx Bootloader that needs reinstalling cause it dosnt show up any more when i boot into the partition it goes straite into kernal panic
  15. cheers man ill give that ago