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  1. GP1138

    Will I be able to upgrade?

    I'm stuck at upgrading -- my install partition is MBR. Any way to slipstream the MBR patch into the .app installer?
  2. I haven't installed Clover, but I have Chameleon, which is the same basic idea. I'll make sure FakeSMC, etc are in Extras. I think I'll give it a shot.
  3. I've got a good running install of Mavericks on my desktop. How feasible would it be to upgrade this install (after creating a backup with CCC of course) to Yosemite? I'd imagine I'd have to do some kext replacement and other magic, but is this possible? I've downloaded the installer already.
  4. I would love to see the touchscreen kext pop up somewhere to integrate into my SP1 10.9 install..
  5. SURFACEPRO Finally got this installed, just repartitioned the internal SSD and installed Clover to the EFI partition. Much speedier. Strange thing is, when I was booting from the SD card, internal BT worked without issue. Now that I've switched to the SSD, it no longer works... ideas?
  6. Just a quick question: I installed OS X on a 32GB SDXC card. Reeeeally sluggish, though I can boot it through holding shift and hitting Restart from Win8.1. I'd imagine the SD card the reason it's sluggish? Edit: Playing with it more, the USB doesn't work and I have to do the Graphics fixes in Clover every time I boot. I think I need to tweak some more. Launching apps is actually really fast, I think the
  7. GP1138

    10.7.5 on Dell 1525

    I literally spent HOURS trying to figure out what the hell I was doing wrong. Deleting "AppleMuxControl.kext" totally fixed the issue. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
  8. GP1138

    10.7.5 on Dell 1525

    I stupidly upgraded a fairly great-running 10.7 on a Dell 1525 to 10.7.5. Saved Extensions directory, but no matter what I do now, I get stuck at "DSMOS has Arrived", and no graphics. I've tried deleting all graphics kexts, can't get graphical at all. x3100 graphics 3GB RAM Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz It was running great before aside from sleep. I've tried removing the DSDT, reinstalling all the old kexts, doing a combination of new/old. I cannot seem to get it back into graphics again. Anyone had this issue?
  9. GP1138

    Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17

    As far as I know you can get native resolution with a lot of hacking but the mouse will be just lines and that's all. It's not very good right now. Definitely not an OOTB fix.
  10. GP1138

    ATI Moblity Radeon HD 3650 on iDeneb 1.3

    Had to reinstall OS X, used the RadeonHD kext again, works fine. I've seen people get my specific card, the HD3650 Mobility, working before with QE/CI on Toshiba notebooks. Definitely watching, waiting, and hoping!
  11. Holy poop! Omni! I remember you when I was trying to get my damnable x200 Mobility to work on my old dv5000 laptop!!
  12. Just to note, on my Dell Studio 1735 I get some graphical lines on various parts of the screen, but very small, like little line blips. Not very distracting, and it doesn't happen on every reboot. The second time I rebooted with this kext it had no artifacting at all. Mouse isn't garbled. Can't wait to see if we can get anything else going! QE/CI would be great but I'm happy with at least native res.
  13. GP1138

    Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17

    Ok, small issue. Got almost everything working (INCLUDING NATIVE RES ON MY ATI CARD!!!) but the keyboard and trackpad are being stupid. I've installed fix after fix and nada. Any insights? Specs are below.
  15. Watching this with great interest. This would be a great birthday present, as I just acquired this Dell Studio 17 and while I was initially so excited that it surprised me with a dedicated ATi graphics chip, I was then totally let down when I found out that OS X is nearly unusable with the graphics. If I could just have native resolution, I would be very pleased. Watching with bated breath.