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  1. I abandoned this project in favor of a DC7900 I picked up cheap.. SUPPOSED to be a much more vanilla install. Still think sound will be an issue. Thanks for the posts. there is a new thread for the other build.
  2. Hello all, I am trying to install on a HP DC7900 SFF. First question is - I have seen this succeed over several different forums. I have iatkos Lion running now, but no sound or lan. I have ordered a low profile GT210 card.. which should get me supported graphics. I have seen several threads here talking about issues, I have seen several other places saying easy. What is the status of this hardware. I have seen posts showing 10.10 on this.. but I also see posts of issues getting it running on Lion. This forum is more open to all types of installs but T0nymak site and its utilities show their method. Opinions? I have been trying to get kexts .. and or DSDT files I have seen posted in other threads here.. but cant seem to dl them. HELP? Edit - OK, found a kext for the lan - seems to work. VoodooHDA that I found still says it has issues.. Im thinking that a usb soundcard for $10 that is plug and play is the way to go. Unless someone knows that the sound on this was eventually solved.
  3. I have this machine and I am trying to get it up and running as well. I would like to download the kexts and the DSDT that have been uploaded here.. but every time I try I get an Opps something went wrong error??
  4. Im assuming you gave up? since there was no help here to be found? I am doing the same install on the same PC, if you did and are still reading this. Reply. James
  5. Bikerbob

    Pent D post install help req'd

    Still hoping to get some help on the audio on this. I am sure its a matter of getting the above kext package properly installed. Also this missing library kext. Is there a way to test the video driver if its supporting hardware accel? Any tinkerers like me out there?? James update - maybe I will just go to USB audio.. plug and play and I can get one to work for $10. That solves the audio. How do I test if video is complete? Also how do I update ???
  6. Bikerbob

    Pent D post install help req'd

    Well i can try this, but every hackintosh I have found with an ALC861 needs specific drivers, no Voodoo was able to work. Actually come to think of it, I think I had that 1 cpus flag set for the install. Worth a shot I guess.. James update - Voodoo does not work with this ALC861 period.. no adjustment or changes helped.
  7. Bikerbob

    Pent D post install help req'd

    Im guessing there are just not that many people still on here playing with old hardware. I have tried to get this posted on the iatkos forum as well, but there I have to get a post approved before it will be put up.. and it would seem nothing in the SL forum get approved. This is from the dmesg log. This is the area that concerns the audio Kext com.apple.driver.AppleAzaliaAudio - library kext com.apple.iokit.IOAudioFamily not found. Can't load kext com.apple.driver.AppleAzaliaAudio - failed to resolve library dependencies. Kext com.apple.driver.AppleAzaliaAudio failed to load (0xdc00800e). Failed to load kext com.apple.driver.AppleAzaliaAudio (error 0xdc00800e). Couldn't alloc class "AppleAzaliaAudioCodecGeneric" ideas?
  8. Bikerbob

    Pent D post install help req'd

    what is a good tool to add.. remove.. update kexts permissions etc.. with iatkos sl3 v2.. which is what I installed. There was nothing that contained HDA in the extensions dir when the system was up and running. James
  9. Bikerbob

    Pent D post install help req'd

    No.. I manually removed VoodooHDA.. because it gave me a kernel panic on reboot. SO I need to remove that as well?
  10. Bikerbob

    Pent D post install help req'd

    HOly jezz.. im hoping I dont have to go that route.. that looks like a LOT OF WORK. I will try out Kext Utility.
  11. This is my hardware Gateway GT4024 computer MSI 7428r motherboard http://www.ascendtec...at4001071r.aspx (BOARD SPECS) 2 gb ram NVIDIA pci e card 8600GT Altheros wifi PS2 keyboard USB wireless mouse First issue I am trying to solve is the audio. VoodooHDA could get some sound - but it was nasty crackling etc.. this is my id 1002(ATI):437b(Alza ACL861) I found this. http://www.hackintoshosx.com/files/file/2964-alc861-working-kexts/ Tried to use Kext Wizard to install them (3 kexts in the zip) I removed the VOODOOHDA manually and I can boot, but no sound It is only showing 1 of the 3 kexts installed (contoller card) sound and IOfamily does not install. Also ViaATA did get the HD found and working.. but it shows up as a SATA bus.. is this an issue? THe 8600GT seems to be in fine, how do I know if I get accelleration etc.. QC or whatever? Safari crashes freq, saying the FLASH plugin crashed.. ? Thanks James
  12. OK! I am posting this from Safari in my SL install. So now I am on to the post install issues.. and there are a few.. But i will post them in the post install forum. VIAATA kext I assume did the trick.. I also used an alternative kernel. drive shows up as SATA.. but dont really care as long as it works. James
  13. OK, thanks .. will give it a try. I would like to try retail sure, but at least maybe I can get a working SL if I go with iaktos. When I tried retail, I could get a boot loader to load.. but could not get to the language question of the retail usb. I would need to pull the kext from the iaktos cd.. save it to where on the retail usb?
  14. If I can load a distro to the point of installing Snow leopard on a HD.. am I not running it ?? do I not need these drivers working to even get to that point?? Is there not a way for me to just install with all the options that the distro is booting up with? and then trim them out or down once I have a working install?? James
  15. Hello all, I am playing with my old computer I had lying around. I want to install Snow Leopard on it. I know it CAN be done, but so far I am not having luck rebooting after the install. I am getting the infamous "still waiting for root device" error. I am pretty sure this is a chipset driver issue. This is my hardware Gateway GT4024 computer MSI 7428r motherboard http://www.ascendtech.us/gateway-ms-7248r-motherboard-4001071r_i_mb4gat4001071r.aspx (BOARD SPECS) 2 gb ram NVIDIA pci e card 8600GT Altheros wifi PS2 keyboard USB wireless mouse I think the issue I am having is the ATI x200 sb450 chipset. I know older Tiger vintage macs used this chipset and older distros had them built in. By searching the net I have found ATISATA and ATIPATA kexts. I can boot iatKOS S3 and load that on to my hard drive (seperate drive on IDE) the install completes and I reboot. The reboot however never finishes, I stall on the waiting for root device. I think the kexts above would get me past this. Now I think what I need to do is get the above kexts installed.. I dont know how to do that without a working system. I have MODCD, MODUSB,1Boot, IBOOTlegacy, HAZARD distro, retail Snow Leopard as well. I cannot seem to boot the retail any way from a bootable USB I made. I don't have any DL dvds at the moment. Maybe DVDs should be easier? HAZARD I tried last night.. did not get anywhere with that.. and it is supposed to have those kexts built in. Only success so far is iatKOS S3 v2 boots to install everytime - I run the install no issues but I cannot get a re-boot from the installed drive. Suggestions? Help with installing the Kexts? Thanks James